Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability

Phone: 715-346-4403
Email: cscheder@uwsp.edu
Website: www.uwsp.edu/eddsustainability


Phone: 715-346-4403
Email: cscheder@uwsp.edu
Website: www.uwsp.edu/eddsustainability

Choose Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability at UW-Stevens Point

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Sustainability program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point ensures students will develop knowledge and skills in relation to education about sustainability and education for sustainability. By providing these dual perspectives within the curriculum, students will establish a holistic view of education as sustainability.

One of nine universities in the country to be name a 2017 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School, UW-Stevens Point is a leader in sustainability issues involving using natural resources prudently, starting and maintaining businesses and economies and facilitating citizen engagement.

This program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Career opportunities in Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability

With this degree, leaders can use the knowledge to help integrate sustainability tenets into school curriculum, community development, and business practices for a future sustainable society. This degree is applicable to administration and leadership positions in K-12 schools, communities, business and higher education.

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The curriculum will offer three specific strands:
  1. Sustaining Learning Environments
  2. Sustaining Civic and Business Communities
  3. Sustaining Educational Systems
This 54-credit Ed.D. will be delivered in an online/hybrid mode of instruction.

  • Critical Analysis of System Inequity: Social Justice
  • Education for Sustainability Theory, Curriculum and Practice
  • Sustaining Human Systems
  • Systems Thinking in Program Development
  • Teaching and Learning with a Sustainability Perspective
  • Analysis and Improvement of Programs in EFS
  • Newer Views of Learning
  • Ethics of Care in a Sustainable Society
  • Historical and Philosophical Foundations of EFS
  • Sustainability Concepts
  • Ecological Lifestyles
  • Environmental Issues and Actions
  • Curriculum for Non-formal Education Environment

Student support services

Specific Curricular Questions and Program Plans Contact:

Prof. Joy O'Neil, Ph.D.

Program Admissions, General Advising and Inquiry Contact:

Cathy Scheder, Ed.D.