This site is our attempt to provide for you a quick and comprehensive account of the resources available to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) students, staff and allies. We hope that this site will answer your questions and offer you insight to our university and its commitment to all of our students.

We would like to ask you for your help. Occasionally we hear second or third hand about alleged hate crimes and discriminatory behavior being perpetrated against our LGBTQ students, but we do not receive official reports. If you are ever a victim or firsthand witness to a crime of this nature please complete a confidential Bias Incident Report form or contact Justin Lechleiter, Gender and Sexuality Outreach Services Coordinator  at 715-346-2596.

At UW-Stevens Point we are committed to your success and your safety. These are not just empty promises. Enjoy tooling around on this site and please give us your feedback of things you would like to see.

Ron Strege, Director of the Diversity and College Access Office

Gender and Sexuality Outreach Services Coordinator 

Added in November of 2013, this position is here to be your number-one point person, resource, leader, and comrade. 


Justin Lechleiter

204B Student Services Center


Find Gender and Sexuality Outreach Coordinator​ page on Facebook! 



Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Monday - Friday

(204 Student Services Center-- above Admissions, on the second floor, right next to the men's restroom).  You can schedule an appointment to meet with me or drop on by.  If my door is open, that means I am available; any day or time!  If you have a quick question you can always call or email me too!


Resources on Campus for LGBTQ students and their allies:


  • Gender-Inclusive/Gender-Neutral Housing offerings
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance (student group) Join them on Facebook!
  • Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (GSA resource center and lounge)
  • Transgender Support Group (ages 18-30's)
  • Trans Visibility Campaign.  Check out this semesters programs on their Facebook page!
  • Faculty-Staff Gay-Straight Alliance
  • Safe Zone Trainings
  • Safe Zone-trained and inclusive departments across campus, including the Tutoring-Learning Center
  • Safe Zone-trained and LGBTQ-informed staff in Health Services (a multitude of free services!)
  • Free counseling at the Counseling Center
  • Free STI screening at Health Services
  • Fine Arts programming in conjunction with LGBTQ identity
  • Out On Film film series
  • Weekly events
  • Special programs
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point-Mission Statement

UWSP Mission Statement

Through the discovery, dissemination and application of knowledge, UWSP stimulates intellectual growth, provides a liberal education, and prepares students for a diverse and sustainable world.


  • Student-centered environment
  • Critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning
  • Professional preparation
  • Community involvement and outreach
  • Ecological stewardship

You Are Valued

UW-Stevens Point is an inclusive community which values all its members and cherishes them as diverse individuals. Our students, staff, and faculty differ from each other in sex, gender, identity, and sexual orientation, in race, ethnicity, nationality, and religion, and in a wide range of physical and mental abilities. We welcome them all and affirm our commitment to integrating diversity into core aspects of our campus in order to increase success for everyone.