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Susan Schotanus

Susan Schotanus has worked in crisis intervention, trauma-informed care, and youth development for at-risk adolescents in central Wisconsin for over twenty-five years. Susan is finishing her doctorate in public service and education at Capella University, Minnesota, where she plans to graduate in 2025. Susan has her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in public administration with an emphasis in non-profit organizations and leadership from the University of Upper Iowa and her associate degree in criminal justice from North Central Technical College.

Susan has developed and facilitated numerous programs to develop at-risk youth in community service, employment, and higher education. These include volunteering at local nurseries and community clubs, creating a group home newsletter where youth explore creative thinking, photography, and marketing, and creating a library during the COVID-19 pandemic. Susan takes pride in her work, where she guides at-risk youth in character-building, employment, and their educational careers. Susan has assisted several non-profit organizations with crisis intervention and trauma-informed care accreditation.

Susan’s roots in Stevens Point, her hometown, and as a first-generation college graduate add a personal touch to her professional journey. Her father’s long-standing service as a custodian at the University of Stevens Point and her mother’s work as a nurse’s aide at a local nursing home reflect the values of hard work and dedication that Susan carries forward. Her younger brother, Tony, also contributes to the betterment of society as a program manager at the Claims Conference on Jewish Material Claims in New York, assisting Holocaust victims.

Susan enjoys spending time with her family and friends, working in the perennial gardens and the apple orchard. Susan also keeps busy with her two German Shepherds, Layla and Luna.

Multicultural Resource Center Coordinator

DUC 208A