Athletic Training: Program Outcomes

The UW-Stevens Point athletic training program is designed to provide the student opportunities to utilize both classroom and real-life experiences in order to become valued members of the athletic training profession. Students are evaluated on skills and knowledge throughout each experience and are provided with feedback to help encourage growth and improvement. In order to achieve certification in athletic training, students must graduate from a CAATE accredited athletic training education program and pass a national Board of Certification (BOC) examination. Information on the BOC examination process can be found at Below are data regarding the graduation rate, BOC examination results, and employment/placement rate for UWSP for the past few years.

Graduation Rate

Our graduation rate is defined as the number of students entering the professional phase of the AT program in a certain year and completing the coursework within three years.
Class of
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Board of Certification Examination Results

​Year 2014​ 2015​​2016​2017
First Attempt Passing​ ​11/11 ​12/12​13/13​12/12
​Passing Percentage ​100% ​100%​100%​100%
​Overall Attempts ​11/11 ​12/12​13/13​12/12
​Passing Percentage ​100% ​100%​100%​100%

Employment/Placement Rate

Our employment/placement rate is defined as the percentage of graduates who were employed in athletic training or full-time advanced graduate study one year after graduation.

2012​ ​2013 2014​ 2015​
​11/11 (100%)​ 11/11 (100%)​​ ​11/11 (100%)
​12/12 (100%)
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