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Scholarships are monetary gifts from community, private, and campus sources and are usually based on academic merit or some other criteria. Some scholarships also require verification of financial need. Therefore, all scholarship applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Campus foundations, local businesses, and other sources provide scholarships for students at the University. No repayment of scholarships is required.

Contact your high school counselor and/or the Solution Center for scholarship information.


To apply, please submit the UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield Scholarship application. Admissions scholarships deadline is August 15, 2024.


Students with a 3.0+ GPA, will be automatically eligible for our full tuition, renewable “Invest in Your Future Scholarship” contingent upon acceptance to the Marshfield Campus for fall 2024. Funds are limited. Scholarships are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. This scholarship is automatically renewed for a 2nd year if the student maintains a 3.0+ GPA and fulltime status upon ascending to the sophomore level of academic standing. This scholarship will be given to in-state and out-of-state students. Estimated full time tuition (including segregated fees) will be adjusted by Financial Aid and Veterans Services before disbursement.
*The Invest in Your Future Scholarship covers the remaining cost of tuition after all other forms of financial assistance, such as grants, scholarships, and federal aid, have been applied.


Students that attend school or graduate in May/June 2024 from the following high schools: Spencer, Pittsville, Granton, Marshfield, Stratford, Neillsville, Columbus Catholic, Colby, Lincoln, Auburndale, Abbotsford, Assumption Catholic, Edgar, Loyal, Greenwood, Nekoosa and Port Edwards with a 2.75+ GPA or 19+ ACT/980+ SAT or 75% class rank or greater at the time of application to the University, will automatically be awarded a $1,000 scholarship. This is a guaranteed first-year tuition scholarship upon enrollment and registration to the UWSP Marshfield campus. If the students maintain a 2.5+ GPA throughout the first-year, the scholarship will be renewed for the sophomore year.
*The Marshfield Destination Scholarship awards $1,000 per semester or covers the remaining cost of tuition (if less than $1,000) after all other forms of financial assistance, such as grants, scholarships, and federal aid, have been applied.


Students will be eligible to receive a non-renewable scholarship.

Learn more about the multidisciplinary program and the Chart Your Course scholarship.

*All tuition scholarships will remain in effect while funding is available. Receiving one of the Marshfield scholarships will have no impact on your eligibility for additional UWSP Marshfield Foundation scholarships, UWSP Foundation scholarships, external scholarships or financial aid assistance.

UW-Stevens Point Marshfield Campus Foundation scholarships

By submitting the general UWSP at Marshfield scholarship application, admitted students are considered for over $70,000 in scholarships given each year by the UW Marshfield Campus Foundation to UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield students. 

Marshfield Merit Awards – automatic scholarships not requiring an application

• $1,500 is awarded to new students who receive a 26+ ACT or 3.6+ high school GPA.
• $1,000 is awarded to new students who receive a 21-25 ACT or 3.0-3.59 high school GPA.

*Scholarships are awarded in order of admittance until funding is gone*

Who should apply for UW Marshfield Campus Foundation scholarships?

All current and incoming degree-seeking UWSP at Marshfield students (including current high school seniors) are strongly encouraged to apply. Apply here.

What scholarships are available?

Filling out the single scholarship application guarantees you consideration for all scholarships for which you are eligible. Our scholarship list below contains a listing of all scholarships, along with specific descriptions and eligibility information for each scholarship.

Special Scholarship Listing

University Foundation Scholarships (with specific criteria and/or requirements)

​Name of Special Scholarship​Amount​ Who’s Eligible?
Ken and Ardyce Heiting Scholarship
​New freshman. Preference given to students with disabilities.
Oscar and Dorothy Frankwick Scholarship$1,000​New or continuing student who has been in foster care or is an orphan. Student must be a full time student in good academic standing.
​Earl & Carol Nelson Scholarship
​Student must be from Marshfield or central Wisconsin. Student must be in good academic standing.
​Dental Clinic of Marshfield$1,000 ​New freshman, transfer or continuing student. Must have graduated from Marshfield or Columbus High School.
​Inclusive Excellence Scholarship​$1,000​Student must be an under represented (ethnic minority) student in good academic standing.
​Molly Alexandar Allard Scholarship​$1,000​Nursing Major admitted to a nursing program
​Patrice Ptacek Memorial Scholarship​$1,000​Continuing student who is a Sophomore. Must be interested in serving others, preference given to a liberal arts major.
​Woman of the Future Scholarship​$1,000​Full-time female student entering the sophomore year who is majoring in something other than nursing.
​Norbert E. & Phyllis J. Koopman Family Scholarship​$1,000​Current student who has completed three full time semesters. Student must have participated in a varsity sport or other student activities. Awarded in the student’s 4th semester.
​Neil Sokolowski Journalism Scholarship​$1,000Continuing student who is a sophomore and is a journalism, English or communications major.
​John Harrington Memorial Scholarship​$1,000Sophomore student with a minimum GPA of 3.0 who participates in athletics on campus and/or is a physical education related major.
​Music Scholarship$1,000​Students who are involved in vocal or instrumental ensembles on campus or in the community.
​Brian Ewert & Kathleen Rulka Scholarship$1,000First generation student with financial need; special consideration given to a student from a tribal nation.
​Clarence W. Mitten, Jr. Trust Scholarship​$1,000​Student must be a sophomore involved in student leadership or activities and have at least a GPA of 2.75.
​Marshfield Noon Rotary​$750​Full-time student involved in community activities with leadership skills. GPA of 3.0+.
Doug & Martha Lee Non-traditional Student Scholarships​Varies​Student must be at least 22 or older. Can be full or part time.

External Funding Sources

Marshfield Area Community Foundation has grants and scholarships available: check out their website

Altrusa: Go to Marshfield Area Community Foundation to apply online.