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Resources for Ed.D. Students

Conference Registration Support

Networking and disseminating your research is a fundamental part of any doctoral experience. We think it is essential that every student have the opportunity to present at a conference, therefore we want to provide supplemental funding for these experiences. We will provide reimbursement for conference registration fees only (no travel or lodging) up to $900/student/conference. 

We will select the students we are reimbursing based on:

  1. Applicability of the conference to educational sustainability
  2. Accepted presentation that is connected to educational sustainability
  3. Opportunity to promote the UWSP educational sustainability program
  4. Cost of registration fee
  5. Number of conferences we have supported for that student in the past. We want to give everyone a chance at funding sometime over their 3-4 years in the program, that means that we need to limit how frequently we fund any one student and we must consider the cost of each conference to maximize the number we can support.
  6. Approved Travel Request Form

To submit your request for funding please complete these steps:

  1. Apply for registration reimbursement through this Qualtrics form
  2. Complete and submit the appropriate UWSP Travel Request Form:

Once approved by the Ed.D. program and university, please follow the below steps to seek conference registration reimbursement:

  1. Create a UWSP Non-Employee Profile by completing this Request Form. Please list Emily Wahlquist as your UWSP contact name. You will need the fund, program, and acct. code to complete this step. If you do not have this information please contact the SOE Graduate Office
  2. Complete and submit the necessary steps for E-Reimbursement for your conference registration. For additional support on the E-Reimbursement system see these E-Reimbursement Directions
    Once we run out of conference funding for the year, we will announce it in an email. We have a limited amount of funding each year, so please apply early to increase your chance at funding.