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Academic departments in the College of Letters and Science.
College of Letters and Science centers and affiliations including a museum of natural history and the Center for Athletic Scheduling.
Majors administered by the College of Letters and Science.


Assistant Professor of Social Work
Prof. Bowers teaches a variety of social work classes, and coordinates the social work field education program.

College of Letters and Science

The College-at-the-Core

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Letters and Science strives to serve the region, the state and the world through:

  • academic excellence that fosters students’ career preparation, professional expertise, civic responsibility, personal development and global adaptability
  • research and learning that generate new knowledge and new insights, which through their application, promote economic development, community well-being, personal fulfillment and lifelong learning
  • dedication to the public good through leadership and service grounded in the foundational ideals of liberal education, robust academic majors, a vibrant general education program and an overarching embrace of academic and personal integrity
  • adherence to the Principles of Excellence established for Liberal Education and America’s Promise by the Association of American Colleges and Universities

The College-at-the-Core delivers a well-rounded fundamental education for our next generation of leaders. Explore our website to learn more.

Academic departments

The College of Letters and Science is home to 13 distinct academic departments:


August 24. Dinner and Discourse, "The Nature of Free Will," Joshua Horn (Philosophy), Amherst Opera House.

September 10, 6:30 p.m. "Mitigating Wildlife Mortality Along State Highway 66," Pete Zani (Biology), Community Lecture Series, Portage County Public Library.

October 4. Great Lakes Analytics Conference, Dreyfus University Center.

October 8, 6:30 p.m. "The History of Beer," Terese Barta (Biology), Community Lecture Series, Portage County Public Library.

October 11. Dinner and Discourse, "Violence and Media," Shanny Luft (Philosophy), Amherst Opera House.

October 16-17. Conference on the Small Center and Regional Community, Dreyfus University Center.