Poster Printing

​The COLS College Support Team maintains a large format printer for the printing of posters and other large format print jobs within the College. This printer was purchased to consolidate multiple department large format printers to one printer in order to reduce costs and provide an even level of service to the entire college.

The printer is designed to meet most common poster printing needs within in the College of Letters and Science. It will not meet all needs. Please contact Printing and Design if you have a print job that cannot be accommodated by the college printer. Typically these will be jobs that require different paper options, rush jobs, specialty needs, or jobs that are color critical.

Submitting a Print Job

An online submission system will be available in the near future. To request a print job before then, please e-mail Aaron Schaufenbuel with the PDF file attached and list the desired poster size (width and height, e.g. 48"w x 41"h).

All jobs must be submitted as a PDF.

Paper Options

We offer two paper options:

Gloss photo

Standard matte

  • HP Coated Paper
  • 89 Brightness, 90 g/m², 42” width (41.6” printable width), recyclable
Gloss photo paper is recommended for most applications.

Printing Costs

Jobs are charged by linear feet regardless of job width.
  • Gloss photo: 42”w, $9.25/linear foot
  • Standard matte: 42”w, $8.90/linear foot
For example, a 48”w x 41”h poster on gloss photo paper will be approx. 48” in chargeable length costing $37.00. The same poster on standard matte paper would be $35.60.

For a 41”w x 36"h poster, since all dimensions will fit within the paper width, the chargeable length will be approx. 36” costing $27.75. The same poster on standard matte paper would be $26.70.

Printing charges are at-cost and aim to reflect actual print costs including printing hardware, hardware maintenance contracts, labor, and consumables such as paper, ink, print heads, and misc. supplies. Prices will be updated periodically to reflect actual printing costs.

Turnaround Time

Posters are typically printed in batches twice a week resulting in a typical turnaround time of 2-3 business days. Posters for the COLS Undergraduate Research Symposium should be submitted one week prior to the event. For rush jobs, please see Printing and Design.

Proofing and Reprints

Users are responsible for proofing their print jobs before submission. We do not review submitted jobs, including spelling and formatting.

Print jobs are guaranteed to be correct based on the PDF file submitted (as viewed in the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader released to campus on Windows 10) and the dimensions provided by the user in the submission process. If errors are found which cause the resulting print to not match the supplied PDF and dimensions, the job will be corrected and reprinted at no charge. All other reprints such as formatting errors, spelling, or updates will be charged at 50% the standard printing rates.

Please also see the Color Accuracy section for more information.

Color Accuracy

Print jobs are not fully color calibrated and therefor color accuracy is not guaranteed. Color calibration is performed on the different paper types and colors will be reasonably accurate. Special care is taken to ensure that the university’s primary colors are correct.

For print jobs requiring a high level of color accuracy, please see Printing and Design.


Posters will generally be delivered to your department’s main office shortly after printing. If you would like your posters delivered to a different location, please add a note with details when submitting you print job and we will accommodate if possible. Due to limited staff schedules, we generally cannot schedule deliveries.


Print jobs will be billed to your department quarterly. If desired, you can specify an alternative account number when submitting your print job.


Paper options will be reevaluated to best match the needs of the College. When feasible, changes to paper options will be communicated at least a week before any paper options are discontinued. Paper options will typically be limited to 2 options to reduce labor required to swap paper rolls/types.

Printing costs will be updated periodically to reflect actual printing costs.

Communication Standards

All print jobs must adhere to UWSP communications standards. Please see the Communication Standard Manual for more information. It is the user’s responsibility to obtain all necessary approvals and clearances prior to submitting a job for printing. Print jobs which do not meet campus communications standards may be rejected. Please see University Communications and Marketing for any questions regarding UWSP branding or communications standards.

UWSP Poster Templates

PowerPoint templates for posters can be found on University Communications and Marketing’s UW-Stevens Point PowerPoint Templates and Posters web page.

Are we trying to replace Printing and Design?

No. Many departments within the College already had access to a departmental large format printer for these types of print jobs. We are simply trying to consolidate from multiple large format printers to a single printer which allows the College to reduce costs through greater economies of scale and reduced support labor while providing an equal level of support to all departments within the College.

We will be only be aiming to cover common large format printing needs. Printing and Design should be used for jobs which cannot be accommodated by the College printer.