Facility Projects

The UW-Stevens Point aquaculture program and NADF has been awarded over $4 million in federal and private grant funds to support and advance Wisconsin Aqua-business (Aquaculture and Aquaponics). These projects involve scientific and technological entrepreneurship that impacts education, applied research, commercialization, new venture creation and regional economic development. Throughout the year, our projects also include tours and technical assistance as well as technical presentations.

Operational funding for NADF is derived from tribal gaming revenue, not Wisconsin taxpayers. Grant and private funding is used to conduct individual research projects.


>Past Project Reports can be found inside the pages below or at the Publications Tab


Atlantic Salmon in a RAS Tank.jpg

Building Capacity of Land Based Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture in the U.S. 

ATS in tank (3) sized.jpg

Sea Grant Great Lakes Aquaculture Collaborative 

oxygen and Atlantic salmon fingerlings.jpg

Nanobubble Oxygenation in RAS to Increase Fish Production

walleye video manual.jpg

The Walleye Video Manual: A Series of Instructional Videos on Intensive Culture

Aquaponics Workshop NCRAC.jpg


2019 Wisconsin Aquaculture Conference


UWSP NADF Technician Jared Neibauer with ATS.jpg


 Overcoming Barriers to Support the Growth of Land-based Atlantic Salmon Production in the Great Lakes Region


Saugeye day 15 in larval system.jpg


Impact of Starter Microdiets for Raising Saugeye Fry for Great Lakes Aquaculture



 Trout Fillets 2.jpg

Supporting Wisconsin Aquaculture by Assessing the Marketing Needs of Producers and Perceptions of Consumers About Eating Locally Farmed Fish




Highschool aquaculture at UWSP NADF.jpg

 Educating a Workforce for the Aquaculture Industry: Matching Skill Needs of the Aquaculture Industry with US Career and Technical Education (CTE)

WAA 2018 10.jpg


WI Aquaculture Conference 2018: Collaboration of Wisconsin Aquaculture Association and UWSP NADF




Aquaculture/Aquaponics Boot Camp Phase II



Dec 2009 walleye from RAS.jpg


Optimizing Walleye Stocking Density and Nutrient Recycling in Traditional and Integrated Aquaculture Systems





9 year old Lake Trout Broodstock sized.jpg

Sub-Lethal Effects of Sea Lamprey Parasitism on Lake Trout




Pond culture videos2.jpg


Workforce Training 2 Sized.jpg


Workforce Training & Education for Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Great Lakes Aquaculture


Fluidized biofilter UWSP NADF.jpg


Effects of Aquaculture Drugs on Nitrogen Oxidation of Biofilters of RAS


Partial Recirc.jpg

Partial Recirculating Aquaculture System 


Walleye Sauger Broodstock UWSP NADF.jpg


Walleye for Food & Stocking-Small Business Innovative Research Partnership and Advance Matching Grant




Depth Selection in Lake Trout Morphotypes



small file.jpg



Research on Morphotypic Diversity of Lake Superior Lake Trout



Temperature Manipulation on Arctic Char Performance 




WI Walleye Initiative Cooperative Projects



 YP Larval Stage.jpg

Develop Systems & Diet Strategies to Reduce Yellow Perch Larval Mortality


Yellow Perch Fingerlings at UWSP NADF.jpg


Production and Economic Evaluations of New Technologies for Raising Yellow perch Fingerlings 



Development of Lake Herring Propagation Techniques





Aquaculture & Aquaponic Economic Development and Innovation



GIS-based Analysis of Sustainable Domestic Aquaculture Development in Wisconsin 



Local School Aquaculture and Aquaponics