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Atlantic salmon fingerlings

Advancing the Great Lakes Aquaculture Collaborative



Advancing the Great Lakes Aquaculture Collaborative (GLAC 2.0) is designed to continue and build on the successes achieved during the establishment of a previously funded, national hub – the Great Lakes Aquaculture Collaborative. As such, GLAC 2.0 is building upon the initial collaborative and involves Sea Grant programs from Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois/Indiana, Ohio, New York, Lake Champlain and the National Sea Grant Law Center (NSGLC).

In addition to the successes from the first iteration of GLAC, we have uncovered gaps that our collaborative is well positioned to fill. These information gaps include the need for:

1) continued connections among the state Sea Grant programs and GLAC advisory groups to promote extension and collaborate to obtain available funding for research activities.

2) stronger connections between GLAC and the aquaculture industry, state aquaculture associations, and regional/national aquaculture groups. This effort will look to promote aquaculture literacy and support underrepresented producers, students, and conference speakers at aquaculture meetings. 

3) a better understanding of aquaculture among state regulatory agencies, policy makers and legislators who need to understand the fundamentals of sustainable aquaculture in their state to make good decisions.

4) a regional synthesis of the policies and regulations pertaining to aquaculture in the Great Lakes region to understand and potentially overcome barriers from both the producer and regulatory agency perspectives.

5) stronger connections between the aquaculture and commercial fishing industries in the region to effectively address food system and supply chain challenges.


UWSP NADF Donating fish to farmers

Our overall goal is to increase aquaculture literacy, strengthen the Great Lakes Aquaculture network, and work with aquaculture producers to continue developing an environmentally responsible, competitive, and sustainable aquaculture industry in the Great Lakes region that benefits communities.



Minnesota Sea Grant (Project Lead)

Wisconsin Sea Grant

Michigan Sea Grant

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

Lake Champlain Sea Grant

Ohio Sea Grant

National Sea Grant Law Center

New York Sea Grant