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The annual amount of scholarship funds available to College of Natural Resources students.
Outdoor classrooms: Schmeeckle Reserve, Central Wisconsin Environmental Station and Treehaven.

College of Natural Resources

Gain hands-on experience, in-the-field know-how

The strength of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources is its interdisciplinary approach and emphasis on hands-on field experiences.

We have more than 12,500 alumni, more than 1,700 undergraduates and 180 faculty and staff. Our graduates work across the globe in various natural-resource fields and in the paper science and engineering arena. 

Our students enjoy benefits and opportunities such as internships, scholarships, and student organizations. 

Areas of study 

The College of Natural Resources is home to six distinct academic disciplines and delivers a well-rounded fundamental education in: 
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What does it take to be the national Wildlife Society Student Chapter of the year? Hear directly from students in our UW-Stevens Point Chapter of the Wildlife Society who have earned the honor 7 different times! Please note: This reprint has been provided to the original authors for posting on our website. Additional copying, republishing in part or whole, posting on a different website or using for commercial purposes is protected under copyright laws and requires additional permission from the publishers and original author. 

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