Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.
– Aldo Leopold

Whether you see yourself teaching others about the joys and challenges of the natural world, guiding land use decisions in your community, or enforcing conservation laws, our programs can provide the tools for success. Majoring in Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management will prepare you for the professions that bring people and the environment together. Students and faculty in this discipline focus their studies on the interactions of humans with their environment and the ways that citizens can best be educated to make decisions about those interactions.

Majors (options) and Minors

You can find a sample planning sheet for each option by clicking here. The planning sheets outline suggested coursework by semester for each of the options. You can also learn more by visiting the UWSP course catalog.
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 Environmental Education/Interpretation


​Pursuing the Environmental Education and Interpretation major will prepare you for revealing nature’s mysteries to school groups, design signs for nature trails or assist visitors in making a special connection in a national park setting. You will have many opportunities for unique hands on experiences while pursuing your degree.


 Natural Resource Social and Policy Sciences


The stakes of natural resource policy have never been higher. This major provides a solid basis for graduate level education in law or natural resource management and policy.


 Wildland Fire Science

This major will prepare you for dealing with the complex issues involved in  fighting and preventing wildfires while understanding the natural role of fire and its  prescribed use.  You will gain a number of skills including practical experience in developing prescribed burn and wildland fire use plans, a working knowledge of wildland fire policy, suppression, and use; predicting fire behavior; fuels management; and fire ecology. You will also receive basic wildland firefighter certifications and have the opportunity to pursue additional training and certifications to make yourself more competitive in the job market.

 Land Use Planning


If issues like urban sprawl and applied geographic information systems interest you, consider a Land Use Planning major. Land use planners combine natural science knowledge with social science skills to guide citizens in making community decisions.


 Resource Management Law Enforcement


Imagine yourself preparing to become a conservation warden, natural resource patrol officer, park ranger, or forest patrol officer. This curriculum combines coursework at UW-Stevens Point and a police academy, taken at a technical college.


 Natural Resource Minors

  • Environmental Education/Interpretation
  • Environmental Law Enforcement
  • International Resource Management
  • Land Use Planning
  • Youth Programming/Camp Management

 Youth Programming and Camp Management


This major will help you pursue your dreams of camp and youth administration. You will gain valuable experience through internships and field positions within the profession.