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There is a tool that allows you to see the membership of many of the distribution lists in our email system.

Send an email message addressed to "Info Tech Return List Membership" and use as the subject either the name of the list or the alias of the list that you want to see the membership of. For example to see the membership of the list called 'Psychology - Faculty/Staff List', you would type "dl-psycfac" or "Psychology - Faculty/Staff List", (without the quotes, and spaces in the names are important) as the subject. Within a few minutes you should receive a message with a table displaying the members of the list.

To see the membership of sub-lists expanded, for example for your Faculty/Staff list, send a message and add '#Expand' to the end of the list name or alias.

To return the membership of multiple lists separate them with a ';'. Each list you request will be returned as a separate message.

Lists that are FIRPA protected can not have their memberships retrieved.


Requesting Multiple Lists

Requesting Expanded Membership

Requesting Expanded Membership of Multiple Lists


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