Student Network Account Removal

If you are not officially graduating and are not currently registered for a class, please be aware of the following information.

Click here if you are officially graduating from UWSP.
  • Your UWSP account will be scheduled for deletion immediately. Watch your UWSP email account for messages from the UWSP Postmaster warning you about the pending removal of your account. These messages will include the exact date your account will be removed.
  • Once your account has been removed you will no longer be able to log on to campus computers and you will no longer have access to secure UWSP resources, including, but not limited to:
    • Email - If you are subscribed to any listserves or RSS feeds, we encourage you to unsubscribe your UWSP account from these lists.
    • MyFiles
    • myPoint
    • Printing
    • Wireless
    • Wisconsin Integrate Software Catalog
  • Information Technology cannot restore files once your UWSP account has become inactive. Make copies of any files you may need before your account is removed, you will be unable to retrieve this information once your account is gone. A convenient and inexpensive way to create a backup of your files is to save them to external storage media such as a CD or key/flash drive.
  • If you are a graduate student not currently enrolled in any courses, but still associated with the University in one of the graduate programs, contact your advisor/graduate coordinator about enrolling in a 0-credit research course through Registration and Records to keep your account active. (Note: This applies only to Graduate students. This does not apply to students that have officially graduated from UWSP.)
  • Software licensed to UWSP, must be removed. This may include any software listed here. Click on a specific software title for access to removal instructions.
  • Remove any customized software settings or configurations specific to UWSP from your computer/mobile devices. This may include configurations such as UWSP email, myFiles, wireless, etc.
  • For information on how to obtain guest network access visit our Guest Logon Accounts page.
  • You may print items for a fee at the following campus locations:
    • Printing and Design located in the Science building basement.
    • University Book Store and Text Rental located in the Dreyfus University Center.
    • Library Reference room located in Albertson Hall.
If you have additional questions, please contact the Service Desk.