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$21 million
Economic activity generated by the Wisconsin aquaculture industry
Number of registered fish farms in Wisconsin supported by NADF
Wisconsin Aquaculture jobs created and retained with help from NADF
$3.3 million
Grants awarded to NADF by collaborators for specific research from 2006-2015


Over the last 5 years University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute has provided nearly $2 million for outreach, education and research activities to support sustainable aquaculture in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region...
Funded by Sea Grant, the UWSP NADF is offering a Pond Culture Workshop this summer that includes online presentations with a hands-on learning experience working alongside staff to learn techniqes to manage the facility's ponds to raise walleye.
The health and growth performance of juvenile walleye cultured in RAS were compared between groups fed a  fishmeal or a fishmeal-free diet. Authors: J. Davidson, R. Summerfelt, F. Barrows, B. Gottsacker, C. Good, G. Fischer, S. Summerfelt

NADF: Driving Wisconsin Aquaculture and Aquaponics Innovation and Business Development

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility is the university's northern most campus located in Bayfield, Wis. 

The facility's mission is to promote public education and advance the discovery, dissemination and application of knowledge for sustainable aquaculture in a northern climate.  This is accomplished by:

  • Demonstrating production-scale aquaculture.
  • Conducting applied research.
  • Providing outreach and extension services.
  • Providing training, workshops and educational opportunities.
  • Building and strengthening cooperative relationships among commercial aquaculturists, tribal, state and federal agencies.
  • Working with fish growers on fish health issues, assessments, training and permitting.
  • Developing best management practices for a sustainable and environmental industry.

Operational funding for NADF comes from tribal gaming revenue, not Wisconsin taxpayers. Grants and private funding are used to conduct individual research projects.



An Incubator for Public/Private Partnerships

Demonstration, assistance and research conducted at the Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility is used by Wisconsin firms to expand their businesses. Recent examples of NADF public/private partnerships include:

PartnereRiverence, LLC Logo.jpgd with Superior Fresh, LL., Hixton, Wis., to advance the company's sustainable production of Atlantic salmon reared in recirculating aquaculture systems. Superior Fresh, LLC will be the largest aquaponics system of its kind in the world and has partnered with UWSP NADF for technical assistance, demonstration and cold water species expertise to advance their facility and operations. UWSP is also partnering to provide interns, technicians and further support staff.  

Riverence, LLC Logo.jpgPartnered with Riverence, LLC. from Washington state to advance land based, sustainable production of Atlantic salmon as a food fish species in water recirculating systems worldwide. Working cooperatively with Riverence, UWSP NADF is rearing a mature broodstock of a specific strain known as the Cascades, which has shown great potential for aquaculture. The fish housed at UWSP NADF are being reared to provide a future supply of eggs to fuel the demand for sustainable, land based, farm reared Atlantic salmon in Wisconsin and around the world.

Riverence, LLC Logo.jpgEstablished, through a partnership with Nelson & Pade, Inc., Montello, Wis., the nation's first Aquaponics Innovation Center, an aquaculture minor, aquaponics courses leading to a college certificate and the International Aquaponics Society. Combined these efforts bring more than 250 people to Wisconsin annually for job training and business commercialization.

RWLogo.jpgPartnered with Rushing Waters Fisheries, LLC., Palmyra, Wis., to demonstrate and incorporate water reuse aquaculture systems and technology. Rushing Waters is the largest rainbow trout producer in the state and has been in operation since the 1940's.

Aqua Terra,llc logo.jpgPartnered and assisted AquaTerra Farms, LLC., Bristol, Wis., in developing water recirculating aquaculture production systems and technologies to assist in the commercial production of Arctic Char markets that serve Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and other Midwest markets.

Northside Enterprises.jpgPartnered with Northside Enterprises, LLC., Black Creek Wis., in developing a commercial market for walleye and has helped secure two USDA-Small Business Innovative Research grants totaling $460,000. A $75,000 Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. SBIR Advance grant was received to expand the Wisconsin walleye food fish markets.

Provided technical assistance to Hayward Bait in Hayward, Wis., and Northside Enterprises, LLC., Black Creek, Wis., to help meet goals of the 2014 Wisconsin Walleye Initiative, which received over $260,000 to support the state's $2.75 billion sport fishing industry. UWSP NADF provided technical assistance, demonstration and/or resources to 6 of the 8 farmers that were involved in the Wisconsin Walleye Initiative.

A One-Of-A-Kind Facility in the Midwest

The UW-Stevens Point Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility is a state-of the-art, dynamic facility, showcasing new advances in aquaculture system technology such as sustainable land based recirculating aquaculture, while also providing traditional aquaculture systems such as flow through raceways and outdoor ponds for industry based research projects. A variety of aquaculture production systems and water sources provide the capability of raising various cool and coldwater fish species important to the industry, such as rainbow trout, brook trout, Atlantic salmon, arctic char, lake trout, lake herring, walleye, saugeye, lake sturgeon, yellow perch, baitfish and others.

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Become Part Of The Recirculating Aquaculture Movement

The UW-Stevens Point Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility is recognized as an international leader in recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) technology. This technology operates with significantly less water than a traditional flow-through facility. Demonstration projects at the facility show how RAS technology is more environmentally responsible and sustainable for the future of aquaculture. 

Through a partnership with aquaponics industry leader, Nelson and Pade, Inc., of Montello, Wisconsin, NADF and UW-Stevens Point have established the nation's first Aquaponics Innovation Center, college aquaponics courses, and the International Aquaponics Society, which brings more than 250 people to Wisconsin for job training and business development.

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