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Geography/Geology Scholarships

Available Scholarships and Awards

Scholarship selections are determined by the Department of Geography & Geology. For more information, please contact the department.

$200.00 is granted to a junior or graduating senior student who has demonstrated capacity and potential for excellence in the field of urban and regional planning.

$200.00 is awarded to the graduating student who holds the highest-grade point average.  To be eligible for consideration for this award the student must earn a minimum of 18 geography and geology credits at UWSP.

$200.00 is presented to a student who is declared geography or geoscience major with two semesters left before graduation, at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA, and a minimum of 9 credits in geography and geology courses at UWSP with at least three credits above the 100 level.

$200.00 is awarded to student who is a declared Geography or Geoscience major with at least two semesters left before graduation, a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, a minimum of 9 credits of Geography and Geology courses at UWSP with at least 3 credits above the 100 level, write an essay of at least 250 words explaining why they show potential as a geographer or geoscientist, and be active in the GTU/GeoClub meetings and events (other professional and university activities and hobbies related to geography or geoscience also are considered in determining the awardee).

Presented by the Kappa Pi chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon, $200.00 and a certificate is awarded to a student for their service to Gamma Theta Upsilon/GeoClub, the discipline of Geography or Geoscience and academic achievements.

A certificate and $200.00 award, presented by the National Council for Geographic Education and based on the recommendation of the department, is given to a graduating geography major for excellence of scholarship based on cumulative grade point average and professional development.

$200.00 is awarded to the student submitting the most outstanding cartographic project or limited map portfolio, as determined by a faculty panel.

The Department of Geography/Geology encourages qualified students to apply for the $2,000.00 Raymond and Ellen Specht Cartography Scholarship, given to the department in memory of Raymond and Ellen Specht, former UWSP faculty.

To be considered for the scholarship, recipients must: a) be full-time UWSP Geography major; b) have completed at least 12 UWSP geography credits; c) be a Geographic Information Science and Cartography option candidate or have an elective emphasis in Geospatial Techniques; d) have demonstrated capacity and potential for excellence in the field of cartography; e) and be enrolled in classes at UWSP for the following semester unless a graduating senior is planning to attend graduate school to major in the field of geography with a specialization in cartography, however preference will be given to continuing majors.

$200.00 is granted in the spring semester to a student who has written the best paper for a geography or geology course.