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Department of Theatre and Dance Arts Management Minor


This minor is administered by the area of Arts Management in the School of Performing Arts.

Available only to students majoring in Art, Media Studies, Dance, Interior Architecture, Music, or Theatre. If you are interested in declaring an arts management minor, you must meet with Jim O’Connell or the Department of Theatre and Dance to make an appointment.

Within this interdisciplinary minor, you will explore the interrelationships of formal and informal structures needed for financing, producing, promoting, and marketing of the arts. Even if you intend to become a practicing artist, this course of study will expose you to skills you will need to make a successful career.

Complete 20 credits.

Arts Management, 5 credits

Accounting, 3 credits

Communication, 6 credits

Electives, 6 credits

Choose 6 credits from:


Other electives may be available with prior approval.
ARTM 100 cannot be used to complete the minor.