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Clinical Lab Science

School of Health Sciences and Wellness Clinical Laboratory Science Degree


Discover the presence or absence of disease

The clinical laboratory science (CLS) program at UW-Stevens Point is among the largest in the state and one of only three in the state with national accreditation. As such, our program quality is one of the best in the nation. With clinical site affiliation across the entire state, our program is not restricted to only accredited hospital laboratories. In addition, our students have a 95 percent pass rate on the required national exam compared to 70 percent nationally. Three options are offered in UW-Stevens Point’s clinical laboratory science program: Cytotechnology, Histotechnology, Medical Technology.

Clinical Laboratory Science

Why study Clinical Laboratory Science at UW-Stevens Point?

As a clinical lab science major, you’ll learn and work in state-of-the-art lab settings on campus where practical experiences are provided in a dedicated laboratory with an adjacent resource room. An additional instrumentation laboratory enhances your pre-clinical exposure to a variety of test procedures, preparing you for your final clinical placement in a hospital laboratory.

During your final year you are required to complete a clinical practicum. Our faculty and staff facilitate placements to make sure you find the right fit. You’ll also have the chance to interact with experts at the state and national levels, thanks to our cooperative programming and distance-education technologies.

Sammy Serkowski
Clinical Laboratory Science-Medical Technology

Hired Before Graduation

Sammy Serkowski ’22

Sammy Serkowski ’22 was hired before graduation at UW Health in Madison, Wis., as medical laboratory scientist.

Capstone Presentations
Clinical Laboratory Science

Capstone Day

From Blastomycosis to Neuroblastoma, graduating seniors from the UW-Stevens Point clinical laboratory science program presented case and research studies at the annual CLS Capstone Day.

Alumni Map

Alumni Map

Where are they now?

UW-Stevens Point alumni live and work all over the world—so if you’re looking for networking opportunities close to a new home or contact info for fellow Pointer in another city, you’re in luck. Looking for a fellow Pointer near you or want to add your pin? Start with our map.

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What to Expect? 

Clinical laboratory science professionals integrate biology, chemistry and medicine to provide the information necessary to maintain proper health and diagnose, monitor and treat diseases. Career options available at hospitals, clinics, public health laboratories, epidemiology, research, industry or forensic science include: 

  • cytotechnologist 
  • histotechnologist 
  • medical technologist 
  • clinical laboratory manager 
  • clinical/medical lab sales representative 
  • medical laboratory technician 
  • clinical product/application specialist 
  • biotechnology laboratory technician 
  • clinical research associate 

Get Involved on Campus

Joining a health-related student organization, you may help with blood drives, raise funds for overseas orphanages, strategize and plan for graduate school and network with professionals from allied health care fields.

  • Health Care Organization
  • Pre-Med Club

Meet Your Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff members of the School of Health Sciences and Wellness are committed to developing professionals who study, promote and model lifelong wellness for individuals, families and communities, building a stronger, healthier community.
Dawn Barten

Dawn Barten

  • Program Director – Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Lecturer – Clinical Laboratory Science
Kelly Michalski

Kelly Michalski

  • Associate Lecturer – Clinical Laboratory Science
  • CLS Chemical Hygiene Officer
  • Laboratory Manager – Health Service
Michelle Shulfer

Michelle Shulfer

  • Senior Lecturer – Clinical Laboratory Science
  • Clinical Placement Coordinator – Clinical Laboratory Science



NAACLS Accreditation

The UW-Stevens Point Clinical Laboratory Science program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Information regarding program accreditation status may be obtained from: NAACLS website (

Student Outcome Data

Our program graduates are qualified to take the Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) examination from the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (ASCP-BOC) and be certified as Medical Laboratory Scientists.

Graduation Rate

Our graduation rate is defined as the number of students entering the professional phase of the CLS program in a certain year and completing the coursework and clinical rotation.

​Period ​# completed program within expected time frame % completed program within expected time frame​
2017-2018​ 30/30 100%
​2018-2019 32/33​ 97%
​2019-2020 27/28​ 96%
​2020-2021 20/21​ 95%
​2021-2022 15/18 83%
5-year average = 94%

Board of Certification Examination Results

Our certification exam results indicate the number of graduates who were certified successfully within first year of graduation.

​Period # taking exam​ # passed exam​ pass rate %
2017-2018​ 30 27 90%
​2018-2019 29 26 90%
​2019-2020 26 17 65%
​2020-2021 16 12 75%
​2021-2022 10 7 70%
5-year average = 70%

Employment/Placement Rate

Our employment/placement rate is defined as the percentage of graduates who were employed in the field or in a closely related field) and/or continued their education within one year of graduation.

​Period # of graduates ​# of respondents ​% of respondents employed
2017-2018​ 30 26 100%
​2018-2019 32 25 100%
​2019-2020 27 23 100%
​2020-2021 20 12 100%
​2021-2022 18 11 100%
5-year average = 100%


Students majoring in clinical laboratory science are required to complete a clinical practicum during their final year. Clinical affiliation sites are listed below.