​Physics/Engineering Dual-Degree Program

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Department of Physics and Astronomy offers a dual-degree option through a partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Through an affiliation agreement students may earn both a Bachelor of Science degree with a physics major from UW-Stevens Point and a Bachelor of Science degree with an engineering major from UW-Milwaukee in a total time of five years for both degrees. Approximately three years (roughly 90-95 credits) of the program are spent at UW-Stevens Point, then approximately two years (roughly 60 credits) at UW-Milwaukee.

The “start” time for the five-year window corresponds to enrollment in MATH 120 (Calculus I) at UW-Stevens Point. There are many variables that affect the time to degree for each individual student, and participating departments are careful to provide disclaimers and advise students from the start that there is uncertainty in predicting the required time to complete both degrees.

  • While at UW-Stevens Point, students complete all requirements of the university’s General Education Program for the physics B.S. major. UW-Milwaukee agrees to accept this in lieu of its own general education requirements for students.
  • While at UW-Stevens Point, students complete a core set of courses in physics, mathematics and chemistry. Each of these core courses satisfies a requirement for the physics degree, for the engineering degree, or in most cases for both degrees.
  • While at UW-Stevens Point, students complete two elective upper-level courses in physics in addition to the aforementioned core courses. Whether those courses will satisfy a student’s future engineering requirements is dependent upon the specific elective courses and the specific engineering program to which the student is admitted at UW-Milwaukee.
  • Under the provisions of this agreement, UW-Stevens Point students who complete the above coursework with a GPA of 2.5 or higher will be admitted to an engineering program at UW-Milwaukee. While at UWM, students will complete the remaining core engineering courses required for their respective engineering degrees. Once such a student has completed a minimum of 30 credits of required core engineering, the student may submit a UWM transcript to UWSP for the purpose of credit transfer. UWSP agrees to accept those 30 credits of core engineering courses complete at UWM toward fulfilling the remaining requirements for the physics B.S. major and bachelor’s degree.

Mick Veum, Professor and Department Chair
Department of Physics and Astronomy

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