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Maryam Farzaneh


Professor Maryam Farzaneh joined the UW-Stevens Point Department of Physics in 2014. Her research interest includes thermal imaging of semiconductor devices, applied physics and photonics and optoelectronics. Farzaneh has presented at the Wisconsin Science and Technology Symposium. Information on Farzaneh’s Optoelectronics Research Lab work is here.


Becher, N., Farzaneh, M., Knipfer, B., Sigler, C., Kirch, J., Boyle, C., Botez, D., Mawst, L.J., Lindberg III, D.F. & Earles, T. (2019). Thermal Imaging of Buried Heterostructure Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) and QCL Arrays using CCD-based Thermoreflectance Microscopy. Journal of Applied Physics. 125, 033102

V.G. Garcia* and M. Farzaneh, (2016). Transient thermal imaging of a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) using thermoreflectance microscopy, Journal of Applied Physics. 119, 045105. 

M. Farzaneh, Alphonse F. Harris*, Adam Lebovitz* (2011). Cross-plane thermal diffusivity measurement of an operating vertical cavity surface emitting laser using thermoreflectance, Journal of Applied Physics. 109, 096101.

J. A. Summers, M. Farzaneh, R.J. Ram, J.A. Hudgings. (2010). Thermal and Optical Characterization of Photonic Integrated Circuits by Thermoreflectance Microscopy, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 46, 3 .


  • American Association of Physics Teachers
  • American Physical Society 
Professor of Physics
Physics/Engineering Dual Degree Coordinator

SCI B105


Ph.D. - Physics
Boston University

M.S. - Physics
Sharif University of Technology

B.S. - Physics
Sharif University of Technology


Energy in Today's World
General Physics
Advanced Mechanics
Applied Principles of Physics I & II
Quantum Mechanics