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UW-Stevens Point graduate aims to advocate for justice

May 23, 2024
May graduate Destiny Lloyd received $135,000 in scholarships to pursue law at George Washington University.
May graduate Destiny Lloyd received $135,000 in scholarships to pursue law at George Washington University.

Having immersed herself in knowledge of the legal system in and out of the classroom, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point political science May 2024 graduate Destiny Lloyd is now reaping the rewards of her work as she sets off to law school.

Lloyd was accepted to attend The George Washington University Law School as 1 of 10 Open Door Scholars, receiving $135,000 in scholarships.

Witnessing racial and social injustices within minority populations inspired Lloyd to be part of the solution in addressing these issues. Her goal is to make an impact for disadvantaged communities and people who find themselves without the means to defend themselves and their rights.

“I was seeing patterns of injustice, which makes me want to make a change in that area,” said Lloyd. “I felt I could make an impact legally advocating for people.”

Lloyd made the most of her time at UW-Stevens Point through involvement in student organizations and an internship through Justice Point, a nonprofit organization that promotes evidence based criminal justice programs and policies.

It was in her role as an intern with the local drug treatment court where she started to build connections. She attended group counseling sessions and honed her advocacy skills. Lloyd also assisted with a number of cases and analyzed data on tendency rates of convicted criminals to reoffend to gain an understanding of how the restorative justice policy was performing for helping to keep people from re-entering the criminal justice system. 

“It was very versatile. I had different options regarding the kind of work I wanted to do, such as working with clients, as a group, and even individually,” said Lloyd. “Justice Point runs some great programs and it’s important for other students and our community to see the differences they make in the lives of others.”

As the oldest of three siblings, Lloyd said she has always been disciplined. Aiming to constantly improve her understanding of the legal system, she joined organizations that helped nurture her career path. She served in the Student Government Association at UWSP as a senator and chair.

In 2023, Lloyd helped relaunch the UWSP Student Legal Society. The organization’s main goal is to aid students interested in pursuing a legal career, or who are generally interested in the law, by assisting in preparing for the Law School Admission Test and applying to law schools.

Lloyd served as club president, helping provide students with information about law school exams and presenting on topics such as restorative justice, race and the criminal justice system.

“I really love what I’m studying, that gives me the drive,” said Lloyd.

“Destiny’s academic background in political science, sociology/criminal justice and law and policy made her a very competitive applicant for law school,” said Professor John Blakeman. “She arrived with a focus on going to law school, and it’s wonderful to see her success in the law school admissions process.

Lloyd plans to complete her Juris Doctor degree, focusing on criminal law, and looks to find employment in the Washington D.C. area.