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Welcome to our Clinical Partners Resource Center

This page is intended to serve as a helpful resource for our clinical partners. You will find answers to common questions and links to resources to facilitate interaction with the students and faculty of the DPT program. You are a valuable resource and an essential component of our educational curriculum. The involvement of our clinical partners is part of what makes the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at UW-Stevens Point special.

If you have questions after reviewing this page and the associated links, please do not hesitate to reach out to the program at or the director of Clinical Education (DCE) Steve Johnson DPT.

Clinical Partners

Clinical Education Sites (such as a hospital, health agency, specialty clinic, outpatient office, school or home health service) which have established an affiliation agreement with UWSP DPT program to provide student physical therapists with clinical education experiences.

If you are interested in establishing a clinical partnership or learning more about becoming a clinical partner feel free to reach out to the program at or the director of Clinical Education (DCE) Steve Johnson DPT.

Clinical Instructors

Clinical Instructor (CI) Description and Requirements

The physical therapist responsible for the for the student physical therapist and for directly instructing, guiding, supervising, and formally assessing the student during the clinical education experience. When engaged in full-time clinical education designated to meet the minimum number of weeks required by CAPTE, the clinical instructor must be a licensed physical therapist with a minimum of one year of full time (or equivalent) post-licensure clinical experience.

Clinical Instructor (CI) Responsibilities

  1. Participate in the learning needs of the students
  2. Communicate with the Director of Clinical Education (DCE) as necessary regarding the performance of the students.
  3. Function as a professional role model in the designated placement area for the student and provide a climate of learning and acceptance.
  4. Provide appropriate (direct, on-site, general) supervision of the student.
  5. Review and verify all student hours logged on the placement hours tracking form (as required).
  6. Assist student to increase proficiency in previously learned skills and activities.
  7. Review student performance with the Director of Clinical Education (DCE) at the end of the experience using evaluation form provided (as required).
  8. Do not count the student toward staffing numbers.
  9. Assist the student in acquiring opportunities at the placement site for attainment of learning objectives.

Annual CI/SCCE Meeting

Each spring the DCE will host a virtual meeting for clinical partners. Topics covered will include but are not limited to: program policy and procedures related to clinical education, review of curriculum and student level of expected performance, access to program resources, Web CPI, eValue platform for clinical education, and an open forum for questions. If a Clinical Instructor(CI) is unable attend one of the virtual meetings due to timing or scheduling, we will post a recording which CIs can review at their convenience. SCCEs/CIs are also welcome to set up an individual session with the DCE.

Site Coordinators of Clinical Education (SCCE)

Site Coordinator of Clinical Education (SCCE) Description

A professional who administers, manages, and coordinates clinical assignments and learning activities for students during their clinical education experience. In addition, this person determines the readiness of persons to serve as preceptors and clinical instructors for students, supervises preceptors and clinical instructors in the delivery of clinical education experiences, communicates with the academic program regarding student performance, and provides essential information to academic programs.

Important Resources

The UWSP DPT program utilizes several online assessment tools and platforms in the operation of the clinical education program. The following links will take you to those resources. Please contact the program at if you have questions or issues accessing the materials.


The program uses the Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) as the multidimensional clinical performance assessment tool to determine if, and how well, a student meets established objectives during clinical education experiences. The CPI is a scale rating of the student physical therapist from novice to Entry-level Physical Therapist Clinical Performance. Course syllabi which detail the expectations of CPI performance for each full-time clinical experience are provided in the Student Handbook (p. 29-31) and in the Clinical Instructor Handbook.


The program uses the Physical Therapist Student Evaluation Form (PTSE): Clinical Experience & Clinical Instruction to assess the clinic site and the clinical instructor.


The program uses eValue by medhub as the administrative platform for our clinical education programs. Clinical partners, clinical instructors, and site coordinators can access eValue through the login function on the web page.

Viewpoint Screening

Student assurances are completed and verified through Viewpoint Screening. Clinical sites will be able to access student information (e.g. trainings, background checks, immunizations) as required prior to or during clinical placement. Please contact the program if your location has specific clinical site requirements.