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Jason Siegel


Jason Siegel joined the Depatment of English at UW-Stevens Point at Wausau in 2010. He’s been a senior lecturer since 2014, teaching literature, composition, and developmental writing. Siegel said he wants composition students to question every idea they encounter so they can control their own view of the world and to learn to express themselves in clear and organized prose. On campus, Siegel has served as chair of the English Department Literature Committee and the Online Program/Technology Committee.

Siegel’s Ph.D. dissertation was entitled “Dialectical Fictions: The Politics of Self-Conscious Form in the American Novel After 1950.” His research interests include: postmodernism, ethnic studies, American literature, Jewish American literature, composition and rhetoric, Shakespeare, film, and ethics. View CV.


Siegel, J., (2016). Meatspace is Cyberspace: The Pynchonian Posthuman in Bleeding Edge,” Orbit: A Journal of American Literature 4 (2).

The Plot Against America: Philip Roth’s Counter-Plot to American History,” published in MELUS, Spring 2012.

Last Action Hero: The Action Movie to End All Action Movies,” published in Bright Wall/Dark Room, June 2019.

The Plot Against America: Philip Roth’s Counter-Plot to American History,” Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900. Louisville, Kentucky. February 19, 2009.


I am proud of the English department’s dedication to helping students derive pleasure and enrichment from great works of art. At the same time, we foster a spirit of critical engagement in an age when it is more necessary than ever.



Pay more attention to the timeless than the timely.

Senior Lecturer

332 Main Building - Wausau campus


Ph.D. - 20th Century American Literature
University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.A. - English (Literary Studies)
University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.A. - English
University of California-Berkeley


Advanced Freshman English
Composition I and II
Intro to the Study of Literature
​Literature and Film