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At the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station we are committed to making your trip full of education, adventure, and experience.  Your students will participate in lessons that meet state standards, challenge them to grow socially and emotionally, and create memories that last a lifetime.  There are a lot of reasons to bring your students to CWES (check out this flyer), some of the best are listed below.

Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning at CWES leads to positive outcomes for students, such as:

  • Engagement with learning

  • Better student behavior

  • Recovery from fatigue and stress

  • Increased physical health

  • Development of social skills

  • Building self-esteem

  • Learning scientific concepts

Sunset Lake

The beauty of Sunset Lake provides plenty of opportunity for learning, recreation, and amazement.  A pristine, kettle-formed lake, Sunset Lake is home to activites in all seasons.

Effigy Mounds

Several authentic prehistoric Native American effigy mounds scattered around the CWES property make for a hands-on learning experience about Wisconsin history.

Forestry Adventure Outpost

The recently-completed deck will overlook our campfire bowl, providing stunning views of Sunset Lake and the forest canopy.  The Forestry Adventure Outpost will allow for new activities, new perspectives, and new adventures.

Quality Equipment

Our lessons feature premier equipment to make the students' experience as engaging and hands-on as possible.  Students will use technology and equipment used by professionals in the field to collect data and explore a variety of activities.

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