A Conceptual Guide to K-12 Land Use Environmental Education

The Creative Land Use Series for Teachers and Educator Resources was developed to provide a conceptual guide for K-12 formal and non-formal educational institutions regarding land use environmental education. CLUSTER offers educators a unique land use guide that provides the conceptual framework, a suggested scope and sequence, and an extensive resource guide.  Until now there has been no complete, validated conceptual framework, comprehensive resource for educators to utilize in the development of land use curriculum materials. The conceptual guide offers educators two great tools to quickly learn about land use and also to begin incorporating land use topics and issues into their existing curriculum.

The guide contains active hyperlinks to the referenced resources.  Just click and go.

CLUSTER K-12 Conceptual Guide

Conceptual Guide: Examples of Lessons, Activities, and Implementation Plans

Even though this guide is based on Wisconsin Model Academic Standards, the materials are available to educators locally, nationally, and globally. The following examples were written by educators from across the nation and can provide examples of how the CLUSTER concepts and guide are applicable nationally. These examples were included to provide educators a framework and ideas for developing lessons for their individual communities and classrooms.  Some of these lessons are in-depth and others are simple. The lessons cover numerous subjects and grade levels. 

CLUSTER K-12 Conceptual Guide Supplement