Educator Resources

Web Resources and References

  • 1000 Friends of Wisconsin and Land Use Institute educates citizens and policy makers about the benefits of responsible land use.  Advocates for healthy urban and rural communities and the protection of our economic, cultural and natural resources statewide.

  • American Farmland Trust; Saving the land that sustains us.  AFT works to stop the loss of productive farmland and promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment.

Printed Resources and References

These are some of the books that contain land use education lessons and information:

  • Malone, Bobbie, et al. (1998).  Learning from the Land, Wisconsin Land Use, Teacher’s guide and Student Materials.  Madison, WI: The State Historical Society of Wisconsin.
  • Butzow, Carol M., John W. Butzow (1999).  Exploring the Environment Through Children’s Literature, An Integrated Approach.  Englewood, CO: Teacher Ideas Press.
  • Roa, Micheal L.  (1993).  Environmental Sciences Activities Kit.  West Nyack, NY:  The Center for Applied Research.

There will be many more added during the development of CLUSTER.  Please email us if there is a resource that should be added to this project.  Please pass this onto your local and fellow educators.  Thank you.