On-Line Educator Training Course

Note: This course is no longer active.

There is strong support regarding environmental issues such as land use, although it may be the lack of knowledge on these issues that are holding people back from being able to take effective actions towards sustainable land use. The development of an on-line course in land use environmental education will introduce and familiarize current and aspiring educators with the concepts, issues, ideas, and available resources relating to the topic of land use and have them be able to use, adapt and create activities/lessons for specific land use topics and materials.  This online course can help educators see the interdisciplinary nature of land use environmental education and show them how to infuse land use into school programs.  Providing educators this opportunity to receive training through distance learning will increase the ability of the university to reach a larger audience and therefore could improve the number of educators learning and providing land use lessons.  Also, the development of the CLUSTER Course will provide educators and students the flexibility to do the course at their own time, pace and place. This on-line course will provide complete lessons that will allow the educators to learn the lessons in depth with built in notes, tips, quick references, links, and simulations with exercises and practice files that will increase the retention, the level of involvement and keep the materials fresh. The Center for Land Use Education will strive to make distance education relevant and interactive, so that educators want to continue learning. Also, the program will be designed to make the learning convenient and fun.  This course will be offered through the University of Stevens Point for graduate or continuing education credits.