Central Wisconsin Environmental Station

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Nature Navigator

The CWES Nature Navigator is an excellent way to prepare for your trip to CWES. You can find out what animals and plants you might see during the time you will spend out here, learn about the geology of the area, and use our plant and animal keys to identify something you are curious about.

EEK! is another great resource to learn more about nature. This electronic magazine is for kids in grades 4-8.

Camp CWES is like the best field trip I have ever been on. The whole time you are there it's never boring!! When you are learning it's fun. It's a hands on experience! There food is amazing and the games are great. At the end of the day you get to sing songs around a camp fire and do skits. You learn many new skills about skulls, compasses, working together, and beavers. I also got to see a presentation on owls. Who knew they were so fascinating! You even get to take game breaks and the games are so fun!!! It's a fun filled trip!! I say if you haven't been there already you have to go NOW!!!

                   -Chloe, a 5th grader from Jefferson Elientary School

Thank you for everything, I just got back from CWES. My school came on Thursday and left Friday. My CWES miory was going snowshoeing, making fires,making shelter, the lake study and the games.

                   -Michael, a sixth grade student from Houdini Elientary School

Well my CWES miory was pretty good! We had a lot of fun but cold!! But hey, it was amazing. I am hoping to come back soon. I liked our night hike and looking at the stars while laying on the lake. I also liked walking on the lake!!Thanks for a great time guys!!

                   -Alyssa, a sixth grader from TJ Walker Middle School

My favorite miory is exploring the vast Lake Superior on kayaks. GO APOSTLE ISLANDS TRIP 06!! love you all.

                   -Alex, a summer camper from 2006 

I had so much fun and the people were so nice. I learned so many things about animal skulls, using a compass, bird watching, and most importantly teamwork, oh yeah we can't forget about the stars, those were one of the best parts. Those were all cool but the camp fire was amazing cause the universe was on the spec the spec was on the bird the bird was on the egg the egg was in the nest the nest was on the twig the twig was on the branch the branch was on the tree the tree was in the bog and the bog was in the valley o. Thank you all for the great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                   -Jimmy, a sixth grader from Southern Door