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Wind Kit

Students learn about wind through reading and hands-on activities that focus on inquiry and observation. Students learn how wind is formed and used as an energy source. They will explore ways to measure wind speed and direction and investigate how wind works and generates electricity. Students are challenged to choose the optimum blades for a turbine by collecting and analyzing data from multimeters. The kit comes with an activity binder correlated to NGSS and Wisconsin State Science Standards. This kit is recommended for K-8 students but includes activities adaptable for older grades.

This kit includes:

  • 1 Activity Binder
  • 5 Digital Wind Speed Meters
  • 5 Anemometers
  • 2 Horizon Wind Turbines
  • 1 Compass Teaching Kit with 12 Hand Compasses
  • 2 Digital Pocket Multimeters
  • Various fiction and non-fiction books focused on wind energy

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