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Wildland Fire Kit

The Wildland Fire Kit includes equipment to model what professional wildland firefighters use in the field. It includes protective gear, digging tools, mapping devices, and weather-monitoring equipment. Increase literacy skills with various fiction and non-fiction books focused on wildland firefighting and the cultural and historic practices of fire management. Pair this kit with LEAF’s K-12 Wildland Fire Lesson Guide (included in the kit) to teach students basic wildland fire principles. Note: this kit is for educational purposes only. It is NOT to be used for firefighting.

This kit includes:

  • 24 compasses
  • 1 drip torch
  • 1 set of fire gloves
  • 1 flame-resistant shirt
  • 1 hard hat
  • 1 fire hoe (*cannot be shipped)
  • 1 fire pump
  • 1 fire shelter
  • 1 neck shroud
  • 5 weather meters
  • 1 K-12 Wildland Fire Lesson Guide

Other Resources for this kit:

Heather Phelps

WCEE Resource Specialist

Contact Heather with any kit-related questions.