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Pedal Power

The Pedal Power® is a tool that you can use in your classroom to teach about energy production, use, and conservation. Students can actually ride a stationary bike to power a generator, which in turn powers an incandescent light bulb, a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), a LED light bulb, a  hair dryer, a radio, and a fan. A photovoltaic (PV) panel is available for use to power the equipment above as well. 

This kit includes:

  • Bicycle Stand with Generator & Bike (minimum 24″ wheel)
  • Pedal Power Display Board & Power Cord
  • Telescoping Outer Display Legs (2) & Inner Display Legs
  • Light Bulbs (Incandescent, Fluorescent, and LED – 5 each)
  • Spare 25 AMP Fuses (2)
  • Electric Fan & Electric Hair Dryer
  • Radio and Power Adapter
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Optional Items (see checklist below)

Other Resources for this kit:

This item cannot be shipped. You must pick it up and drop it off.

Other Pedal Power Locations:

Fennimore: Contact Tom Martin at CESA #3 for more information about their Energy Bike (not a Pedal Power) available to schools who subscribe to the CESA #3 Media Center/van service. or 608.822.2154.

Madison: Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) has a Pedal Power available to their customers. Please contact Mario Garcia at or call 608.252.4742.

Milwaukee: Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful, 1313 W Mt. Vernon Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53233. Contact Betsy Bolte for more information, at 414.272.5462. To reserve, please fill out this reservation form

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