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Forest Products Kit

The Forest Products kit allows students to learn about forest products, and associated careers, through hands-on exploration. Students will be able to Track that Product: From Forest to Finish, explore a forest product case study and trace a product’s journey through the forest, processing, and product. Each case study includes information about the tree, properties that make it important for specific products, and samples of the products themselves. In addition, students can compare between 12 specially engraved wood blocks of common Wisconsin tree species used in forest products and explore wood properties, density, and cell structure. In-line with both teacher and industry demands the kit contains a mix of career-focused resources and literacy components. There is no fee for using the kits, but users are responsible for the loss or damage of kit contents.

The forest products kit is a result of a partnership between the DNR’s Forest Products staff and LEAF. Learn about Wisconsin’s Forest Products Industry by downloading slides for your classroom provided by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. AG-ED Industry Pre​sentation DNR

This kit includes:

  • Beakers 5.7 Diameter, 1000ml (5)
  • Periodic Table of Wood Poster
  • Graphene Book
  • WOOD! Identifying and Using Hundreds of Woods Worldwide Book
  • X5 The Private Eye Loupe Set (18 Per set, 2 sets)
  • Rubbermaid Tote – 24 gal
  • Microscope Slide Storage Holder and Microscope Slides (oak, pine, basswood)
  • Verbatim 8GB PinStripe USB 2.0 (green, blue, red, or purple)
  • Activity Binder
  • Forest Products Fact Sheets
  • Graphene Guide – 28 pages
  • Digital Pocket Scale
  • Careers in Forestry Sheets (5)
  • Urban Wood Wood Token
  • Wood Magic Curriculum Guide
  • Samples (Specialty Paper, Trim, Moulding, Flooring, Lumber – 6″ – 2×4, OSB, 2 Nanotech, 12 Marth Wood Sensory Exploration Samples, 12 Marth Wood Product Jar Samples, 5 Veneer, 12 Engraved Wisconsin Wood Block Samples, 12 Non-Engraved Test Wood Blocks with ID Sheet and 5 Blocks for Volume Displacement Use, Toilet paper, paper towel, and tissue sample bag, and 3 Pulp)

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