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Forest Exploration Toolkit for Early Childhood Education

Help young children get in touch with nature through a resource kit you can check out to explore the forest in your backyard or neighborhood.

This kit includes:

  • Animal track cards
  • Leaf rubbing plates
  • Bug magnifying viewer
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Naturally Developing Young Brains nature discovery cards
  • Folding reference field guides for Wisconsin’s Wildflowers & Trees
  • Books:
    • Tracks, Scats, and Signs
    • Good-Night Owl
    • Look What I did with a Leaf
    • Insects
    • Wild About WI Birds
    • Mammals of Wisconsin
    • In Grandpa’s Woods
  • Field Guides:
    • Amphibians, Snakes, Turtles, and Lizards
    • Trees of WI Field Guide
    • Wisconsin wildlife species fact cards
    • Wee Recyclers Activity Booklet
    • Wee Crafts Activity Booklet
    • Instructional Materials
    • Project Learning Tree Trees & Me Guide: Activities for Exploring Nature with Young Children
    • Project Learning Tree Family and Friends Activity Booklet
    • Read & Explore in Wisconsin State Parks reading list

Heather Phelps

WCEE Resource Specialist

Contact Heather with any kit-related questions.