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Theme Four: Serving our Internal and External Communities for Impact

As articulated in previous portions of the plan, collaborative efforts among faculty and staff on our campuses provide transformative student experiences. These robust internal collaborations, focused on cooperation rather than competition, naturally lay the foundation for deeply impactful engagements in our communities. We realize these impacts through cultural enrichment, economic development, and workplace partnerships for our students.

There is a significant interdependency between UW-Stevens Point campuses and the northcentral Wisconsin communities we serve. Economic impacts are greater when business and faculty/staff work together to solve issues in our region. We are all stronger when we work together to attract and retain talent. We will continue to foster relationships that build trust and are mutually beneficial for our campuses, students, partner organizations and the region.

To best serve these stakeholders, we must first gather information about all our current activities so we may focus on collaborations that have the greatest impact. Measuring these impacts will serve as the basis to better tell our story, both internally and externally.