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Staff of Cornerstone Press

Director & Publisher
Ross K Tangedal, Ph.D.

Executive Editor
​Jeff Snowbarger, M.F.A.

​Senior Editors
Lexie Neeley (BA, English 2018) lives in St. Paul,
Minnesota and works for Little Free Library in Hudson,
Monica Swinick (BA, English, 2020) is a writer and editor.
She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Kala Buttke (BA, English, 2021) works for Skyward, Inc.
in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Editorial Director Brett Hill (BA, English: WEP, 2022)
Senior Editorial Advisor Grace Dahl (BA, English: WEP, Business ,2022)

Student Executive Staff
Summer 2023:

Managing Editor Kirsten Faulkner
Managing Editor Ellie Atkinson
Production Director Carolyn Czerwinski
Media Director Zoie Dinehart
Sales Director Natalie Reiter