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Dokkyo Exchange Program

Dokkyo University in Japan partners with UW-Stevens Point to provide an exciting and educational summer program for Dokkyo students. Dokkyo students who attend the ESL Summer Program in Stevens Point receive credit from Dokkyo University for their academic effort. Other foreign students have also been welcome to join past programs.

The Dokkyo ESL Summer Program provides cross-cultural experiences and classes in American English as a Second Language (ESL) in a relaxed and friendly summertime environment. Students learn American English language skills through academic, social, and recreational activities. UWSP has more than a decade of experience hosting Dokkyo University students in this three-week summer program. No UWSP credits are involved.

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has a long and excellent academic tradition. Its faculty and staff serve the nearly 8,000 graduate and undergraduate students. UW-Stevens Point is a public, teaching-intensive university located in a small American college town in the heart of the midwest.

Stevens Point is a charming city of 25,000 people in central Wisconsin. Students from all over the world live and study in this peaceful community. Here is a place where culture, education and nature come together. It is a city for young people. Stevens Point offers education, entertainment, shopping, outdoor sports and cultural activities. In this rural setting you might see wildlife like deer or cranes behind your house. Shooting stars appear in the clear night skies above this city each August. Stevens Point is a friendly and welcoming city.

For the first five nights of the ESL Summer Program you will live on the UWSP campus. You will share living and dining areas with US and international students. Your classrooms, residence hall, dining center and sports areas are connected by colorful landscaped sidewalks. The rest of the time students will live with local homestay families and share typical family activities such as cooking, shopping, camping, and playing music. At your Graduation celebration, you and your classmates can entertain homestay families with music and games, fashion and martial arts, drama and dance, crafts, and comedy.

  • You will have a canoe lesson and take a canoe trip on a river.
  • You will tour Madison, home of Wisconsin’s state capitol and its world-famous university.
  • You will visit Wisconsin’s beautiful Northwoods and experience the different cultures that coexist in our state.
  • Spend a day splashing and swimming at the waterpark capitol of the US, Wisconsin Dells.
  • Students experience a variety of activities while staying with their host families.

Due to bad weather and other circumstances beyond our control, the program calendar is subject to change without notice. But don’t worry–the UWSP faculty and staff will take care of you!

Discover the real America and practice American English as a Second Language (ESL) at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point (UWSP) where culture, education and nature come together.

Walk the beautiful forests and beaches. Talk with people in the heart of America. Make lifelong friendships. Your teachers, UWSP student counselors, and your own home stay family will be your guides.

For information about other programs for international students at UWSP please contact:

International Student Programs:

Price: U.S. $2,800.00 – $3,000.00 depending on enrollment. Prices are subject to change.

For the price shown above the program provides:

  • Training in English as a Second Language (ESL) through classes and experience
  • ESL class size of 10 – 15 per instructor
  • Social events with Wisconsin families and other international students
  • A canoe lesson on a beautiful Wisconsin lake (TBD)
  • Tours of homes, industries, and places of natural beauty
  • 5 nights lodging on campus near classrooms and sports areas
  • 17 nights homestay with carefully selected Stevens Point area families
  • Meals, lodging, and admissions included
  • Graduation ceremony and talent show

The program does NOT provide:

  • Medical insurance
  • Transportation to and from the United States
  • UW-Stevens Point credits

Cancellation policy:

  • If you are not accepted into the program because it is full or for any other reason 100% of your down payment will be returned to you.
  • Your letter of acceptance will detail our cancellation policy.

Dokkyo University offers exchange students the opportunity to work as interns at Japanese companies or public organizations. These internships, which form a unique part of the Dokkyo exchange program, give students the opportunity to practice their Japanese in a business environment while experiencing the unique business culture of Japan. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain a sound understanding of Japanese business culture.

The internships are held for around one to two weeks during the summer and spring holidays. Please note that they are unpaid.

The internship program is available to students who are enrolled in Japanese Level 4 (Upper-intermediate) or above at the time of application. Before participating in an internship, students must attend a guidance session held by the International Center and complete a business manners lecture course run by the Career Center.