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Averrhoa carambola 

Family: Oxalidaceae | Place of Origin: Sri Lanka, Eastern Islands of Indonesia

Origins and history:   

Identification characteristics  

Uses and preparation

  1. Leaves: A mixture of the fruit and leaves can be used to help relieve vomiting, and leaves themselves are often crushed to resolve topical irritation like itchiness from chicken pox. Leaves are bound on the temples to alleviate headache. 
  2. Seeds: Crushed and ingested to aid in lactation and improve menstrual flow, powdered seeds act as a sedative for cases of colic and asthma.  
  3. Flowers: Ingested for the sake of expelling internal parasites. 
  4. Fruit: Used to halt hemorrhages, helping with hangover symptoms, and as a digestive aid. In some areas, it is recommended as a diuretic for kidney problems, though its effectiveness is up for debate. Due to its high oxalic acid content, precaution is advised for people with existing kidney problems looking to consume starfruit.