Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of questions we are often asked (and their answers!).  If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 What size sheets do I need (what size are the mattresses)?

"Extra-long" mattresses (80") are in all of our residence halls.

 Can I bring my pet lizard (cheetah, salamander, goat, etc.) with me?

Sorry, your pet (fill in the blank) must stay at home when you come to school. Fish contained in a 10-gallon (or smaller) aquarium are permitted.

 How should I have my mail addressed?

Your mail should be addressed as:

Your Name
Your Room Number, Your Hall's Name
Your Hall's Street Address (see your hall's web page for specifics)
Stevens Point, WI 54481

For more about sending mail and packages, please check here

 What size microwave/refrigerator can I bring?

Microwaves must be 1500 watts or smaller in size. You may have up to 5.4 cubic feet of refrigerated space in your room; this can be one 5.4 cu. ft. fridge or a combination of two smaller ones.

 Where do I park my car?

During the first week of classes, you may park in Lot Q (behind Allen Center) without a permit. After the first week of classes, you must have a parking permit. Parking permits are available on a limited basis through the Parking Office (715-346-3900). You may also purchase permits on-line at

 What is the ceiling height of my room?

The ceilings are between 7'8" and 7'9" in height (there are slight variations between rooms because of the texturized ceilings) for DeBot buildings (Baldwin, Burroughs, Hansen, Knutzen, Neale, Steiner, Thomson and Watson Halls). The ceilings for Allen quad buildings (Hyer, May Roach, Smith and Pray-Sims Halls) are approximately 7'3" in height.

 How large is the door opening to my room?

The width of the room door is 32"; height varies from room to room.​

 What day do the halls open?

Halls open a day or two before each semester. For specific dates, please see our department calendar.
Because of staff training, we are unable to authorize arrivals prior to the date stated on our calendar.​

 Where do I do laundry?

There is a full laundry in the basement of each residence halls. To utilize the machines in the laundry room, you will need PointCASH on your Point Card.​

Learn more about hall laundry facilities here.

 How much does laundry cost? Do I need quarters?

To utilize the machines in the laundry room, you will need PointCASH on your PointCard; cash is not accepted by these machines. Each load of laundry costs $1.25 and each dryer load costs $1.25

 Is my room carpeted?

All residence hall rooms, with the exception of four (4) rooms in May Roach Hall (rooms 134, 234, 334, 434) and floor kitchen rooms, are carpeted. Some residents choose to bring an area rug to cover the installed carpet to provide additional cushion and protection from damage to the installed carpet.

 What is the lighting in the room like -- should I bring a reading lamp?

There is a lighting fixture above the dresser (over the mirror) on each side of the room. Additionally, there is task lighting in the hutch component of your desk. Many students do choose to bring an additional lamp.

Rooms in Baldwin, Burroughs, Hansen, Knutzen, Neale, Steiner, Thomson and Watson residence halls also have lighting down the middle of the ceiling in their room.

 How many data jacks are in my room?

There are two data jacks in each room.

 When (and where) do I eat?

Depending upon the meal plan you selected, you have a number of options available for dining. For more information, we direct your attention to the Dining Services website.

 Where can I store my bike?

There are bike racks available across campus; in fact, Stevens Point (campus and city) is a very bike-friendly place. You are encouraged to bring a reliable locking mechanism to utilize in securing your bike to a rack. You may also store your bike in your residence hall provided it is okay with your roommate and you store it in such a manner that it does not present a safety hazard.

You are strongly encouraged to license your bicycle with the city of Stevens Point.

 Is there storage in my hall?

There is no storage facility available in your hall (or any other hall!). You are encouraged to carefully think about the items you need vs. want in your residence hall room so that you do not bring too much "stuff."

 How will I meet people? Are there things to do?

Are there things to do?!?!? You bet! And there are lots of people to meet, too! Throughout your hall and across campus, you'll see postings of programs being offered. These programs will range from academic-type opportunities to pure entertainment. Pick a few and round up some of your floormates and combine getting to know one another with a thing-to-do!

 What kind of window treatments do we have ... curtains or blinds?

All residence hall rooms are equipped with curtains that are a light beige in color. There are some exceptions in Hyer Hall where the rooms were modified when the building was utilized as an office complex; in some Hyer Hall rooms there are mini-blinds.

 Can I move the furniture in my room?

Yes, with a couple exceptions. The mirror above your dresser cannot be moved and the hutch that is secured to your desk cannot be removed. Keep in mind that all furniture in your room must remain there (you cannot take it home and bring it back later).

 Who can I study with -- and where?

At the front desk of your hall, you can locate a Study Buddy List that shows other people from your hall who are taking the same class as you. This is a great way to combine meeting others and developing a study group. Study areas are limited only by your imagination. Formal areas include the large study lounge in the basement, the small group study room in your basement, the library, and, don't forget your room!

 Do all the freshmen live in the same hall(s)?

No, all of our halls are available to individuals who are first-year, sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students. Even Hyer Hall (which requires that you be at least 21 years of age prior to the start of the semester) has individuals from all of those groups.

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