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Department of Philosophy Religious Studies Minor Degree


The religious studies minor consists of a minimum of 18 credits, at least 9 of which must be at the 300 level, including:

  1. Introduction to the Study of Religion – One Course (3 credits): Rel 202 (Introduction to the Study of Religion).
  2. Global Religions 1, Asian and Indigenous Traditions – Two Courses (6 credits) selected from: Rel 100 (Religions of Asia), Rel 333 (Women and Goddesses in India), Rel 340 (Buddhism), Rel 341 (Religions of India, or Phil 105 (Philosophy and Religion of India and China).
  3. Global Religions 2, Western Traditions – Two Courses (6 credits) selected from: Rel 101 (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), Rel 302 (Religion and Cultural Conflict), Rel 303 (Jewish Scriptures), Rel 304 (New Testament and Early Christianity), Rel 305 (Prophets and Prophecy), Rel 311 (Religion in America), Rel 325 (Oppression and Liberation in Religion), Rel 330 (Women and Religion), or Rel 342 (Islam).
  4. Electives – A minimum of One Course (3 credits) from religious studies and collateral courses including Anth 110 (Contemporary Cultural Diversity), Anth 320 (Anthropology of Religion), Anth 380 (Anthropology of Health and Disease), Art 270 (Survey of Asian Art I), Art 374 (Ancient and Medieval Japanese Art), Hist 332 (Women’s Issues in the Muslim World), Hist 357 (The Reformation), Phil 320 (Philosophy of Religion), Phil 327 (19th and 20th Century Philosophy), Phil 330 (Existential Philosophy), Poli Sci 324 (Religion and Politics).