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College of Natural Resources Master of Natural Resources in Conservation and Leadership Degree

Graduate Degree

Empower Your Leadership Journey: Mastering Natural Resources with Business Insight

The Master of Natural Resources in Conservation and Leadership combines environmental expertise with business acumen. This program explores the intersection of natural and human systems while developing your research, leadership, and administration skills for informed decision-making. The program includes courses on policy, research, project management, budgeting, and natural resource management. A comprehensive examination at the end integrates principles learned throughout the program. You select a specialized certificate to tailor your degree, blending natural resources and business courses. You will become a proficient leader ready to impact natural resource management with a strategic business perspective upon completion.


Request information and start your journey in our 100% online Master of Natural Resources in Conservation and Leadership program. Our team will reach out to you about attending an information session on Feb. 28, March 7 or March 13.


Why choose a Master of Natural Resources in Conservation and Leadership

Explore the online Master of Natural Resources in Conservation and Leadership program, blending environmental know-how with business skills. Gain expertise in research, leadership, and administration for smart decision-making. Customize your degree with specialized certificates in policy, research, project management, budgeting, and natural resource management. Graduate as a capable leader ready to make a strategic impact on natural resource management.

Master of Natural Resources in Conservation and Leadership

Info Sessions

Would you like to know more about our program? Join our information sessions to explore the Master of Natural Resources in Conservation and Leadership. Here, you can discuss key skills, learn how to customize your degree, and the overall value of our program.

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Flexibility and Affordability

Flexibility is at the core of our program – choose to enroll in one or more classes per term, providing the perfect balance between work, family, and other commitments. Our program is entirely online, granting you the freedom to log on at your convenience. Whether you aim for a swift completion or prefer a more extended pace, the choice is yours – you have up to seven years to fulfill the requirements and earn your degree. Your educational experience, your way.

Choosing our Master of Natural Resources (MNR) in Conservation and Leadership guarantees top-notch education and ensures affordability. Compared to other programs in the field, ours stands out for its considerably lower cost. We prioritize offering excellent value by providing a high-quality curriculum with experienced faculty, all while keeping the financial aspect in check. We believe in making advanced education in natural resources accessible, and our commitment to affordability sets us apart from the competition.


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Join us to learn more about the MNR at UW-Stevens Point.
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Courses and Cost

Our MNR is flexible and affordable.
Courses and Cost
Becca Franzen


Our instructors are leading professionals in their fields.
Meet our Instructors

Applying to the MNR in Conservation and Leadership at UW-Stevens Point

Apply seamlessly to the Master of Natural Resources in Conservation and Leadership online program through a straightforward two-step process. Begin by submitting your application to the College of Natural Resources and to UW-Stevens Point. We welcome applications for both the fall and spring semesters. To enhance your chances, ensure your application reaches us by August 10 for the fall semester and December 28 for the spring semester. Notably, there’s no need to worry about the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) – we don’t require it.

To qualify, applicants should hold a bachelor’s degree and have maintained a minimum GPA of 3.0 during the last two years of their previous studies. You can request a panel review for potential GPA waiver consideration if your GPA falls below this threshold. Your academic journey begins here.

Step 1. Submit a Complete Application Packet to the College of Natural Resources

  • Complete the Online Application here. You will be asked to attach the following items and should have them ready before beginning your application.
    • A current resume or curriculum vitae detailing your professional post-baccalaureate work experience. The file name must contain the word “resume.”
    • Essay describing your professional interests and goals. The file name must contain the word “essay.”
  • Two letters of recommendation (standard letter or this form will be acceptable) need to be emailed by your references to or mailed to CNR Graduate Coordinator, TNR 100, UW-Stevens Point, 800 Reserve Street, Stevens Point, WI 54481

Step 2. Apply to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

  • Visit our Admissions office for details on applying to UW-Stevens Point.
  • International Students, please apply here.
  • Once complete, a copy of your UW-Stevens Point application and official transcripts will be sent to us for inclusion in your CNR application packet.
Chelsea Dresen - Online NRAM
“As a young professional trying to determine a career path, this program opened up a world of opportunity for me. I learned the professional skills I needed to succeed in the workplace and invaluable knowledge about a variety of natural resource issues.”
ChelseaInternational Youth Exchange Program Manager

Important Dates

Sign up for an information session or for top consideration apply to the MNR by these dates for each semester.


Fall Semester Application Deadline


Spring Semester Application Deadline

Credits, Cost, and Courses for the Master of Natural Resources in Organizational Leadership

We are here to help advise you in course selection and to respond to your individual needs and concerns.

  • 31 credits to completion
    • Coursework includes natural resource and business focused courses and at least one specialized certificate.
  • Up to 9 credits of natural resource-related graduate coursework may be transferable.
    • Please note: all credits accepted toward a graduate degree, including transfer credits, must be earned within seven years. The seven-year clock starts with the beginning of the term in which the first course approved for your program was taken.
  • Courses offered by the College of Natural Resources cost $650 per credit, with other courses having varying tuition costs. An additional distance education fee of $50 per credit also applies for UWSP courses.


To achieve your Master of Natural Resources degree, you’ll complete at least 31 credits. The program explores core Natural Resources (NRES) and Business (BUS) aspects, encompassing policy, research, and leadership. You choose courses tailored to your interests and career goals. Additionally, you can customize your degree further with one or more specialized certificates, providing flexibility and adaptability to your educational journey.

CNR Core Courses:

  • NRES 770 – Natural Resources Policy (3 credits)
  • NRES 771 – Introduction to Natural and Social Science Research (3 credits)
  • NRES 772 – Natural Resources Leadership and Communication (3 credits)
  • NRES 773 – Applied Ecosystem Ecology and Management (3 credits)

Business Core Courses (Choose 3 out of 4):

  • BUS 529 – Project Management (3 credits)
  • BUS 565 – Applying Lean Six Sigma (3 credits)
  • BUS 558 – Managing Budgets (3 credits)
  • BUS 504 – Developing Skills to Lead and Manage (3 credits)

Comprehensive Examination:

  • NRES 775 – Comprehensive Examination (1 credit)

Specialized Certificates:

  • Choose at least one specialized certificate and complete additional credits of 500-900 level courses. Certificate courses are available online, and local students have the option to substitute face-to-face graduate courses.

Specialized Certificates

Embark on a dynamic journey towards a Master of Natural Resources in Organizational Leadership, featuring the unique option of stackable certificates. While you are required to complete at least one certificate, you are also welcome to pursue additional certificates. As you progress towards your master’s degree, these stackable certificates offer targeted skills and credentials, allowing you to customize your learning and build a comprehensive foundation aligned with your career aspirations.

Certificate in Applied Management (9 credits required)

Required Classes:

  • BUS 730 – Managerial Leadership through Applied Decision Making (3 cr.)
  • BUS 529 (will move to BUS 733 in Spring 2024) – Project Management (3 cr.)
  • BUS 558 – Managing Budgets (3 cr.)

Optional Class:

  • BUS 504 – Developing Skills to Lead and Manage (3 cr.)

Environmental Education and Interpretation Professional Graduate Certificate (12 cr., fully online)

Required Classes:

  • NRES 701 – Readings in Environmental Education (3 cr.) or NRES 501 – Foundations of Environmental Education I (3 cr.)
  • NRES 705 – Environmental Issues Investigation and Action (3 cr.)
  • NRES 767 – Fundamentals of Natural and Cultural Interpretation (3 cr.) or NRES 568 – Oral Interpretation Methods (3 cr.)
  • NRES 771 – Introduction to Natural and Social Science Research (3 cr.) or NRES 772 – Natural Resources Leadership and Communication (3 cr.)

Exciting updates are on the horizon! New certificate offerings in energy, sustainability, and water will soon be available, providing you with additional specialized expertise to excel in these crucial fields.

Register as a Special, Non-Degree Seeking Student

Unlock new horizons with UW-Stevens Point! If you have a bachelor’s degree and a thirst for knowledge but can’t commit to a full degree, you can explore our graduate courses or earn hassle-free certificates, like our certificates in applied management or environmental education and interpretation. There are no applications or additional fees – just register and start learning!

You will enjoy graduate special status with benefits such as library access, allowing you to shape your path without committing to a full degree. Enhance your skills, skip the hassle, and explore the endless possibilities at UW-Stevens Point!

Enroll now for a rewarding academic journey. More information >>>


Meet our Instructors

Our faculty members teach in one of the nation’s top undergraduate natural resources colleges, which means your instructors are leading professionals in their fields of study and will provide quality and relatable courses with the current curriculum for your MNR program.
Becca Franzen

Becca Franzen

  • Associate Professor
  • Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management
  • College of Natural Resources
  • Global Affiliate Scholar – Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability
College of Natural Resources, Ed.D. Dissertation Committee Members, Ed.D. Global Affiliate Scholars, Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Mgt
Lyna Matesi

Lyna Matesi

  • Associate Professor – Management
  • Academic Director – School Graduate and Professional Programs
  • Co-Founder – Center for Women’s Equity, Diversity and Leadership
  • Global Affiliate Scholar – Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability
Business Administration, Ed.D. Global Affiliate Scholars, MBA, MNR, Sentry School of Business and Economics
Mike Rader

Michael Rader

  • Associate Professor of Conservation and Parks Law Enforcement
  • College of Natural Resources
College of Natural Resources, Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Mgt, MNR