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student playing the trumpet at UWsP

College of Fine Arts and Communication Music Performance Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate

The Instrumental Music Performance Certificate is a non-degree program designed for students looking for intensive studies in instrumental music, as both a soloist and an ensemble performer. While pursuing a degree in a field other than music, you will develop your skills as a performer with weekly private lessons with music department faculty and will perform in large and small group ensembles. Working with your studio teacher, you design a course of study selecting academic music courses that focus on your interests, rather than following the prescribed traditional music degrees tracks. 

This program is intended for incoming first-year students who have an extensive background and training in music performance but will be majoring in a discipline outside of the Music Department. Students already in their first or second year may audition for the program only through special circumstances and exceptions.

  • Applied Lessons, 20 credits
    20 credits minimum with a suggested 2 credits per semester in the first year.
  • Ensembles, 8 credits (minimum)
    Students enrolled in applied lessons must also enroll in a major instrumental ensemble as assigned by the appropriate director and applied studio teacher.
  • Recital Performance
    MUS 498 – Recital 0-1 cr. Pass/Fail
  • Special Topics
    MUS 450 – Special Topics in Music 0-3 cr. – 1 credit

Upon completion of this capstone experience, you will be able to demonstrate through writing and oral communication how this certificate program’s core principle supported ongoing value to combining a high-level of study in a creative field with your major field of study. This portion of the certificate program may be offered as part of the required recital performance.

For more information visit the course catalog.

Auditions are required.
Contact the music department at or 715-346-3107

The College of Fine Arts and Communication at UW-Stevens Point is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. UW-Stevens Point in the only college in the state to hold national accreditation in all of its arts programs: Art and Design, Dance, Interior Architecture, Music, and Theatre, placing it in the top 7% in the nation.