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WSAW: Your Town Stevens Point-Bringing more people to UWSP’s campus

June 15, 2022
The UWSP Welcome Center
UWSP's new Welcome Center offers a student-centered approach to campus visits and tours.

From WSAW, Wausau, by Ben Helwig
A recent Money Magazine article named UW-Stevens Point a ‘Great Value’ school. An increase in campus visits seems to back that claim. Campus visits have doubled over the last fiscal year.

Plenty of recent changes have been attributed to the rise. One key is the brand new Welcome Center, which opened in January 2021.

“This was a really great move for admissions and recruitment because this has allowed us to centralize campus visits and events and focus on more of a personalized student center approach,” said Rachel Siebers, Associate Director of Admissions and Recruitment.

With the brand new center, recruitment can be made more personable. Not only that, recruitment has returned to more traditional avenues. During the pandemic, campus tours were held virtually. Over the last year, in-person campus visits have returned, and with that, a sense of connectivity.

“You can see inside the residence halls, see the dining center where you’re going to eat and get that connectedness and feeling of home,” said Siebers.