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WSAW: Broadway actor returns to give master class at UW-Stevens Point

May 12, 2022
Sam McLellan leads master class at UWSP
UWSP alumnus and Broadway actor Sam McLellan leads master class at UWSP.

Sam McLellan, a UW-Stevens Point graduate currently in the Broadway touring production of “Anastasia,” returned to his alma mater Wednesday to give a master class while the show performed at the Grand Theater in Wausau.

McLellan said acting wasn’t always on his radar, though. “In high school, I was playing football and one of my teammates said, ‘Hey, you should audition for the musical,’ and I thought, ‘Okay, all right, I’ll try it out.’ Immediately, I was hooked,” said McLellan.

He graduated from UWSP in 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theatre. Knowing the show was coming to Wisconsin, McLellan wanted to get in contact. “I cannot speak more highly about the professors that I had when I was here,” said McLellan.

He said there’s a lot of nostalgia to being back on campus. “I walked inside with one of the faculty and went into the Jenkins Theater, and kind of had a moment just standing on the stage, just remembering some of the shows we did there,” McLellan said.