​​Troubleshooting Common Problems

 I accidentally deleted a page or file

When a file is deleted it is moved to the site's recycle bin, like when you delete a file on your desktop or laptop computer. You can access the recycle bin by going to Site Actions > View All Site Content. The Recycle bin will be a link on the upper right side of the page.

The Recycle Bin

image showing location of recycle bin on page

Click on the recycle bin to view its content.

The recycle bin will contain a list of recently deleted files and information about where they were located and when they were deleted.

To un-delete the file tick the checkbox next to the file and click the Restore Selection button.

Recycle bin contents

Files will remain in the recycle bin for no longer than 30 days. After that time has passed someone from Web and Media Services may be able to retrieve the file from a secondary recycle bin, but we cannot guarantee we will still have it.

 I can see the changes I made on the page, but no one else can.

You probably have the page checked out. Check it in and everyone else should be able to see it. For more information see the check out and check in tutorial.

If other people still can't see the changes have them empty their browser cache, they're probably looking at a cached version of the page.

 I can't edit the page

  • Are you logged in?
  • Do you have editing permissions for the site you're trying to edit?
  • Does someone else have the page checked out?
  • Go to the upper right of the page and click on the gear/cog icon. Do you have the edit option available there?

 My text won't wrap, it's in one long line.

Sometimes when you're typing your text in to the page SharePoint will add non-breaking spaces instead of regular spaces.

Regular spaces allow lines to wrap at the spaces between words when you reach the right edge of the space that your text is occupying. Non-breaking spaces don't allow the line to wrap, almost as if it was one long continuous word.

How to fix it

Click into the text so that the Editing Tools ribbon becomes available. In the Format Text tab on the far right click on the html button and select Edit HTML Source. A window will pop up showing the source HTML for the text in that web part. Look through the lines of code and look for  . The   is an html character code for a non-breaking space. Delete each instance of   and replace it with a regular space-bar space.

 I can't change any of the information on my Faculty/Staff page

For most faculty/staff list pages that use the business-card style layout the photos and information aren't actually contained on the page that displays the information. The information is stored with the image in an image library probably called "Faculty/Staff Image library", you need to edit the information there.

For full instructions please see the tutorial How to edit your faculty/staff list page.

 "Your request has been rejected"

If you get an error page saying "Your request has been rejected" with a form underneath it, please fill out and submit the form. We have security software on our network to help prevent hacking and other malicious activities, sometimes normal and ok actions like saving a page are mis-identified as malicious and are blocked. If you fill out and submit the form Infosecurity will review the incident and adjust the security software settings as needed.

Here's what the form looks like:
image of the request rejected form
​​ ​