Information Technology Units

Applications and Development

The primary role of Applications and Development is to analyze, implement and maintain administrative applications, develop customized applications and integrate third party systems into existing campus systems. Applications and Development works with administrative areas to deliver secure campus-wide decision support systems with an emphasis on productivity, convenience, and timeliness of web based delivery of information and services. Applications and Development performs technical support for Microsoft SharePoint web and intranet services.

Academic Technical Services

Academic Technical Services (ATS) is focused on providing effective curricular and technical support to classrooms, academic computer labs and individual academic programs through the College Support Team. ATS also provides technical support for Desire 2 Learn, our LMS system. It also provides functional training and support for desktop applications used in classrooms and computer labs. The ATS Director works with the leadership of each college to articulate information technology refresh plans and support for the respective academic areas in that college.

Academic Technical Services consists of the College Support Team (CST) staff members who work in each college, but who also have institution level support functions such as server administration or audio/visual design and implementation. Each person seeks to meet the technology needs specific to that teaching and learning environment.

Another support function contained within ATS is Web and Media Services. The creative team produces web and multimedia resources for university faculty, staff, and departments. We're the folks you can come to when you need that old web site punched up; an audio lecture stream added to your course page; a new recruitment DVD authored and prepared for distribution to your prospective students; or maybe a video of how to find your office on UWSP's campus.

Client Services and Technical Support

Client Services and Technical Support provide a primary point of contact for computing and technology related issues and requests for the campus. We also provide desktop/device repair services, distance learning operations and equipment loans services. In addition to these services we provide for the management of campus computer labs. The Service Desk (formerly the HelpDesk), Workstation Endpoint Support, Distance Learning and Computer Labs Management are functional teams within this unit. If you have a question but aren't sure who to ask, start with the Service Desk!

Information Technology Purchasing

Information Technology Purchasing coordinates the ordering, receiving and dispatching of all new hardware and software; processes hardware warranty repairs for computers, printers and miscellaneous IT products; provides information, education, evaluations and recommendations to campus regarding hardware and software technology products; maintains the proper billing of products and performs other support tasks such as the coordination of project and grant programs.

Technical Operations

The Technical Operations area provides support and maintains the campus network infrastructure including network servers/servicing devices and environments/switches, as well as the entire wiring/wireless/fiber/telephone infrastructure, and maintenance of campus applications. We design, implement, and maintain the security and integrity of the services provided by campus servers and the network infrastructure. The Information Security Office, Telephone Support Office and Enterprise Endpoint Management are also functions within Technical Operations.

Information Security Office

It is the mission of the Information Security Office to support the goals of the University by assuring the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of all information we use to do university business.

In order to accomplish this mission, the Information Security Office's work involves:

  • Establishing coordination and encouraging cooperation within the university towards greater computer security.
  • Investigating computer system intrusions.
  • Increasing awareness of information security responsibilities.

Telephone Support Office

The goal of the Telephone Support Office is to provide quality, cost-effective telephone service to faculty, staff, and students on the UWSP campus. We provide all telephone services and support for your on-campus calling needs. We provide a comprehensive voice system that includes an Avaya S8810 PBX with IP Telephony capabilities, a voicemail system, and a telemanagement system that includes modules for call detail collection, cellular service re-billing, electronic directory, traffic management, accounts receivable, inventory control, work order tracking, and cable management.

Gateways off the Stevens Point switch are installed at the Treehaven campus in Tomahawk, Wisconsin and the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station in Amherst Junction, Wisconsin. There is 4-digit dialing between all three locations.

We offer business and personal cellular service at competitive prices with on-campus support. All landline service is provided and maintained by the Telephone Support Office. If you wish to make personal calls from your office phone, contact our office for details.

Other services we provide include: voice messaging services and support, Enhanced 911 service, fax service and directory services (campus, local and extended community)

The Telephone Support Office also provides cellular services for personal and business needs.

Enterprise Device Management

The Enterprise Device Management Team is responsible for developing and maintaining the campus computer software load and the software delivered to computers across campus. We also provide hardware and software support and troubleshooting for faculty/staff/lab workstations (Mac and PC), printers, and other devices.