Distance Learning Classrooms

Connect to students at one or more universities in real time

Distance Learning (DL) at UW Stevens Point connects students with educators from campuses in the UW System via two way video and audio. Utilizing the internet, DL connections are conducted in real time, using high definition​ video. Instructional content as well as the presenter is displayed simultaneously on side by side monitors. The technology is capable of connecting either point to point or to multiple locations worldwide. Lecture capturing of the classes is also available for recording to be streamed on demand through D2L. DL provides educational access to all levels of learners and can be used to augment the learning opportunities of on-line classes. This technology can also be used for meetings and interviews.

Technology support and orientation are provided by professional staff.

Facilities Scheduling

  • Distance education
  • Video and audio conferences
  • Technology presentations
  • Satellite presentations

Classroom Map

Technical Support

  • Faculty training
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Tech Support Phone:  715-346-3997

Request Work

  • ​Service Desk:  ALB 027
  • Phone:  715-346-4357
  • Hours:  7:45AM - 4:45 PM