Due to the COVID-19 Safer at Home mandate, the majority of UWSP computer labs are currently closed. Please see the Computer Labs General Information page for details about computer lab closings and instructions for accessing lab computers from the internet.

Software Requests for Classrooms and Computer Labs

Information Technology maintains a standard list of software for classrooms and labs. Instructors can request the installation of additional software in classrooms and computer labs by entering a work order. Guidelines and instructions on how to enter a work order for new software are below.

Software Installation Request Guidelines

  • The software must be certified for use with Windows 10, Mac 10.11 (or higher).

  • Commercial software must be purchased through Information Technology's Software Purchaser/License Coordinator.

  • The instructor or academic department requesting the software installation must provide the media. Physical media can be delivered to your College Support Team member or the Service Desk. If media is being delivered with a new software purchase, indicate the software will come from IT Purchasing. If the software is available via download, indicate the URL for the software.

  • Information Technology cannot install unlicensed software.

The media must be received in Information Technology by the following deadlines:

  • Fall Term Requests: Software requested before June 1 is guaranteed to be available for the start of the following Fall term. Software requested after June 1 may not be available for the start of the following Fall term.  

  • Spring Term Requests: Software requested before November 1 is guaranteed to be available for the start of the following Spring term.  Software requested after November 1 may not be available for the start of the following Spring term.  

  • Summer Term Requests: Software requested before March 1 is guaranteed to be available for the start of the following Summer term.  Software requested after March 1 may not be available for the start of the following Summer term.     

Enter a Software Installation Request

Additional information can be found in the Self Service Portal Quick Guide:

  1. Log on to the IT Self Service Portal.

  2. Click New Service Request.

  3. Select "Category Action" of Create/New.

  4. Select Software for the "Category Type". 

  5. Complete the remaining fields to the best of your knowledge.  Note: Quantity and Obtainment Method must be completed.

  6. Click the Submit button.

The time it takes to complete an installation package can vary depending on the number of issues that are encountered, and it can take as long as 30 or more business days to complete. This process can take a long time because we need to validate licenses, develop the installation package, test the package, and then deployment of the software package.

Please be sure to submit your requests as early as possible!

Purchasing and Licensing
When purchasing software and/or licenses, you must work with our Software Purchaser/Licensing Coordinator. Depending on the type of software and the available licensing agreements, an application may be "locked-down" to the number of purchased licenses by our software licensing monitor, KeyServer. Computer Lab software submissions must conform to their respective licensing agreements.


Issues that can impact development and deployment time include:
  • Incomplete information provided in the initial request 
  • Software Purchaser/Licensing Coordinator consultation did not occur and licensing information was not reviewed
  • Compatibility issues and/or installation issues
  • Changes to workload priorities

Contact Information

If you have questions about purchasing software, please contact IT Purchasing, your College Support Team or the Service Desk.