COLS ​Information Technology

IT Services

This site provides information on Information Technology services, support, and policies specific to the College of Letters and Science. For a listing of IT services within the College of Letters and Science, please see the listings in the right-hand navigation menu.

Information technology services within the College of Letters and Science are administered and supported by UWSP’s Information Technology Department. For more information on campus information technology, including FAQs and policies, please see the Information Technology Department’s website.

Support Contacts

The IT Service Desk is the primary contact for general technology support including office computers, printing, e-mail, account, and classroom technology issues.

The College Support Team is the best contact for research or grant IT support, requesting changes to classroom or teaching lab technology, requesting new IT related projects such as classroom remodels, and to escalate any IT issues.

College Support Team (CST)

As part of IT’s Academic Technical Services team and the COLS Dean’s Office, the College Support Team coordinates Information Technology (including AV) needs within the colleges and provides specialized support for the unique IT needs of each college including:

  • IT equipment lifecycle management
  • Management of IT hardware and software within academic spaces (e.g. computer classrooms, computer labs, teaching labs, classrooms and lecture halls)
  • Research and grant IT support
  • Project management and budgeting for IT related projects and accounts
  • Serve as a liaison between the College and the Information Technology department
In addition to their duties within the colleges, College Support Team members also serve as subject matter experts for all of campus in multiple areas such as digital signage, GIS administration and support, and classroom design.

The COLS-CST team consists of Aaron Schaufenbuel (team lead), Kyle Bennett, and typically 2-4 student assistants. Please see the COLS Dean’s Office Staff page for more information on these individuals.

Each COLS department is assigned a primary CST contact. When contacting the CST, please start by contacting the primary CST contact for your department.

Department CST Contacts

Department Primary CST Contact
​Biology Aaron Schaufenbuel
​Chemistry Kyle Bennett
​Computing and New Media Technologies Kyle Bennett
​Dean's Office Aaron Schaufenbuel
​English Aaron Schaufenbuel
​Geography and Geology
Kyle Bennett
​History Aaron Schaufenbuel
​Mathematical Sciences
Kyle Bennett
​Museum of Natural History
Kyle Bennett or ​Aaron Schaufenbuel
​Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility
Aaron Schaufenbuel
Aaron Schaufenbuel
​Physics and Astronomy
Kyle Bennett
Political Sciences
Aaron Schaufenbuel
Kyle Bennett
​Sociology and Social Work
Aaron Schaufenbuel
​World Languages and Literatures
Aaron Schaufenbuel