Procedure To Qualify for Disability Services


UWSP Disability Services

Qualify for Disability Services Procedure

UWSP Disability Services, in accordance with Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act, the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), Amendments to ADA, and UW-System Policy on Individuals with Disabilities, provides accommodations to allow individuals with disabilities to participate in or benefit from UWSP and its programs, services and activities in the most integrated setting.

To be eligible for disability services through the Disability Services (DS) office, a student with a disability must provide documentation of their disability and participate in an intake meeting with the Director of Disability Services or the Disability Advisor.

Disability Documentation Policy and Procedure for Students with Disabilities: It is the student's responsibility to provide official documentation of their disability. The following is to be met relative to documentation of disability:

Documentation is to be completed by an appropriate and qualified treating professional

Documentation must be on official letterhead, typed, dated and signed by the professional diagnostician

  • Documentation should: be appropriate to verify eligibility; include a diagnosis; address functional limitation and/or note the major life activities impacted by the impairment; and support the need for accommodations in higher education

  • DS has the discretion to require additional documentation if needed

  • Costs incurred in obtaining documentation or additional documentation is borne by the student.

Intake Appointment Procedure: To begin the process of applying for DS services, contact Disability Services at 715 346-3365 (or email The Disability & Assistive Technology Center is located at 609 Albertson Hall. Schedule an appointment to meet with the Director or Advisor for an intake meeting. During the intake meeting, discussion of accommodation needs as it relates to the student's disability will take place.

Please provide documentation before meeting with a DATC staff member or you may bring the documentation to the intake meeting. An intake meeting can take place and documentation be provided later. however, eligibility for DATC services cannot be determined until the documentation is provided. Determination of qualifying for DATC services will be made following both the intake meeting and receipt of appropriate documentation.

Students inquiring about a disability or about disability DATC services, and do not have documentation of a disability, are welcome to schedule an appointment with the DATC Director or Advisor.