Test Taking Accommodations

Procedure for Students


Disability Services


University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Instructors may take care of your test accommodations in their area.  However, if they are not able to do so, they will refer you back to our office to make arrangements for taking tests.  Since we organize test accommodations for about 800 exams each semester, we have a procedure for taking your tests through Disability Services. 
  1. Meet with the Director or Advisor of Disability Services to have forms completed that specify your test accommodation needs for each course.

  2. Meet with each instructor regarding your test accommodations and get clarification as to whether they will take care of your test accommodation or you will test through Disability Services.  In some instances, you may need to take the exam through Disability Services since your test taking needs can only be accommodated through our office.  In these cases, the accommodation request form will be marked accordingly.

  3. If scheduling your test(s) through Disability Services, stop in the office at 609 Learning Resource Center and complete the form for each test.  Exam requests are completed online under the Test Accommodations tab.  Requests for tests need to be submitted online at least five (5) school days/week days in advance of the test (please note that it takes five days to communicate between instructor, proctor, location source and you, before we finalize testing).  We advise all student to bring all syllabi to our office and complete a test requests for all exams during the first few weeks of classes. Please remember to notify us if there are any change in test dates and times.

  4. You will then receive an email with confirmation of your test day, time, and location.  Your professor and proctor will also be notified.

  5. Your proctor will pick up the exam, sit with you during the exam to provide the instructor an assurance that the exam is protected at all times, and return the exam to the instructor.

If you have any questions regarding the test taking procedure through the Disability & Assistive Technology Center, please call us at 346-3365. Thank you for your cooperation in this process.